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Aside from being a teacher, I am the daughter of a teacher and the granddaughter of two school principals. I was toddling up the halls of one of the local elementary schools when I was three years old and my grandfather would put me in a snowsuit and take me with him to check the school boilers to make sure there would be plenty of heat for the children the next morning.

At the age of five my grandmother would put me in the back seat of her 57 Chevy, and we would deliver food to the hungry students from her school, which had been bought and paid for out of the entirety of her monthly salary. There were some months when my grandfather would say, “Elizabeth, we’re going to need your check for bills this month.” And she would roll her eyes and give me a wink. Even at the age of five I knew that he would not be getting “all” of her check.

I have witnessed teacher sacrifice my entire life. From my family to my coworkers I have participated in a noble profession. Preparing children for the maize of life and the adventures of conquering what seem to be insurmountable challenges is the underlying task of the teacher.

Regrettably, somewhere along the way, let’s say in the mid to late eighties, the education of our children became a social experiment. There was a critical shift in educational theories as contemporary learning theories embraced behavior psychology and social theory. The outcome based educational theory sounded great in principle but was horrible in practice.

Excellence became politically incorrect as social justice warriors infiltrated the school system hierarchy, and the indoctrination of America’s children began. Instruction was watered down to accommodate the struggling children. What was sold as a “compassionate awareness” of the less fortunate learners, resulted in the neglect of the high achievers and advanced learners.

The public lost trust in the school system. But neither the public nor the teachers really understood what was happening within the schools. It was a well-guarded progressive agenda that had set up residence in the halls of public education. And we can all thank John Dewey and his educational disciples for the mess that occurred.

Unfortunately, teachers became the faces of the failing educational system. The educational gurus, the teacher college professors, the superintendents, and the whole caboodle of educators at the highest levels of pedagogy had the blueprint for the big transformation in education. Except for a few teachers on the administrative ladder, the average teacher was out of the progressive loop, in as far as developing curriculum with this hidden Marxist agenda. And most didn’t even recognize what was put before them to teach.

Until recent years, teachers were trained to use objectivity and a clear cut standards-based system of instruction, assessment, and grading. Most were unfamiliar with the propaganda which was being slipped into the textbooks. Like the parents, they assumed that the adoption of all courses of study were designed to inspire critical thinking in all students. But that wasn’t the case. They were designed to crush critical thinking skills.

The retention of knowledge became obsolete. Multiplication drills became antiquated. Every tried and proven practice of the educational system which made America great was tossed out the window.

The Progressive invasion was occurring in every institution, but it was in the educational system where this ungodly philosophy of critical theory fueled its engine. It was here where they could train the oppressors of free thinking individuals.

And these apostles of Marx from the Frankfurt School of thought used the schools to pedal their propaganda.

Aside from a violent social upheaval, which none of us want, a Godly, common sense America can only be restored through education. Without the teachers on board to teach the children how to think instead of what to think, we will lose our kids. And as our kids go, so goes the country.

The teachers have become the professional peasants of white collar workers. And that has to change if America is going to become great again.

Make teachers great again to make America great again…………………….to be continued

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