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The teachers in WV walked out with an honorable purpose. They are woefully underpaid, and their healthcare insurance was in a state of emergency. Aside from the fact that it was their union that let them down for decades and supported the democrat agenda which bankrupted the state, the teachers’ motives were justified.

But the walkout has dragged on for far too long, partially because of a stubborn and not-well-liked Republican Senate President Mitch Carmichael, who appears to want to teach the unions a lesson. On the other side of the coin, the democrats have found a gathering place for their “turn WV blue again” campaign. They have frustrated and exhausted teachers and they have national attention. It is the perfect opportunity for the democrat party to keep their newest rock star, Richard Ojeda, in the limelight.

I am not going to give Ojeda any more time than necessary so as not to promote his image, but know this: Ojeda is an unconventional Bernie Sanders supporter. He is ex-military, for gun control, pro-Planned Parenthood, pro-amnesty, and an obvious socialist if he supported Bernie Sanders, who defines himself as a socialist. Ojeda is a cannon ball. He is fast and furious and will be difficult to stop. He is the democrats’ answer to Donald Trump and ten times to the left of Joe Manchin.

During the strike, Ojeda has been the teacher’s voice. He is the superhero on behalf of the teachers. He was even described by the left-wing publication “The Hill” as seeking name recognition at the teachers strike and according to “The Hill” has a “cult of teachers.” And considering that much of what “The Hill” writes is fake news, they are right about that. The teachers love him.

Ojeda “says” he supported Trump after Sanders lost to Hillary Clinton, because of Trump’s promise to bring back coal. And since Ojeda comes from coal country, born and raised in the coal fields, he would get nowhere in WV politics if he turned on the coal miners. But now Ojeda says he is disgusted with Trump. Of course, you are Richard. Once you got where you wanted to be, you disrobed.

West Virginia is key to the democrat party and the far-left for several reasons, one being the gun lobby of WV. Disarming West Virginians would be a mighty big project. The guns are alive and well and hidden here and there throughout the state. Texans tout their love of guns, but I can assure any 2nd Amendment advocate, that they ain’t see guns and people who “cling” to guns until they trek the mountains of God’s country in West, By God, Virginia. We got ’em, and we ain’t lettin’ go of ’em.

The Democrat Party is closely watching West Virginia. The DNC is not happy with Joe Manchin. You see, Joe knows that the Democrat Party is off the rails. He has seen it first hand and stared those crazy loons in the DNC right in the face. He is in a really bad place right now, because he got to Washington as a Democrat, but he is not far to the Left.

Those who watched President Trump’s first State of the Unions Address witnessed a wishy- washy Joe Manchin, sitting with the democrats, begin to stand and applaud the President. But when he was half-way into his stand, he looked to his right and saw all of the democrats sitting with scowls on their faces, and he quickly sat back down. Aside from the pathetic display of a grown senator in the United States Senate looking to his fellow senators for directions on how to behave, it was quite comical.

Joe Manchin is not a far-left democrat. He’s a toadie who has spent most of his political career on the clothes line. He blows whichever way the wind blows. And unfortunately for Joe, his democrat comrades are quite disappointed and frustrated with him. They would love nothing better than to see Joe replaced with a far-left bomb thrower, and that would definitely be Richard Ojeda.

Ojeda, despite his left-wing politics, has a charisma. He has the bad boy charm that is very dangerous to his opponents. He would be a mighty challenger to anyone and that includes his republican challengers.

Consider that the original demand of the teachers was a 2% raise and the shoring up of PEIA, their insurance program. The Republican-controlled House votes to give them a 5% raise, but the Senate votes to give a 4% across the board raise to all state employees which would include the teachers. So the teachers unions emphatically say that the 4% will not be enough to get the teachers back to work. What happened to the “2% will do the trick” rhetoric by the unions?

The unions now say that schools will be closed indefinitely. And amazingly the superintendents are standing with the unions. Rather than to encourage teachers to go back to the classroom as most teachers would like to do, the unions, who have been missing in action for years (accept to collect the teachers’ dues to fund democrat candidates), are deciding that schools in WV will remain closed over a 1% discrepancy in the raise which is 2% higher than the teachers originally asked for.

Something is amiss, and it isn’t difficult to see that it’s all about politics now. The WV teachers’ strike has surpassed what is best for the teachers and is now a national focal point for Richard Ojeda to garner national attention. And the obstinate Mitch Carmichael is making it easy for the democrat party to have their hey day.

The Democrat Party is no longer a left-wing party. It is a far-left party. Joe Manchin doesn’t fit in. But Richard Ojeda is Washington bound, and he will be their Rock Star…..In the meantime, the teachers will unwittingly be the pawns.

Sorry Joe, but having solid convictions counts. And you have none. You are on your way out.

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