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The present day educational crisis wears a teacher’s face. But the teachers did not create the substandard learning conditions which are producing illiterate high school graduates. They are merely the messengers of progressive and inferior programs of study designed to keep children from developing critical thought.

Teachers routinely condemn social promotion and low expectations for students, but they answer to an administration which answers to a county superintendent and school board, which answers to a state superintendent.

And the state departments of education are waiting in line with their hands out hoping to qualify for the grants and other programs which will bring their states millions of federal dollars. The United States Department of Education always dangles carrots which are homegrown in their social justice and politically correct gardens.

Educational rot began in our schools shortly following the founding of the Department of Education Organization Act signed into law in 1979 by President Jimmy Carter. And now with an annual budget of 68 billion dollars the Department of Education controls the schools’ social and academic narrative.

The state departments of education now have a “Big Brother” who is always watching and controlling the purse. Big government and big educational bureaucracy destroy everything they touch. And every public school system in the nation has been mauled by the social experimentations of progressivism and social justice activists disguised as educational gurus.

Public education will never be appropriate or exemplary again until the states cut their ties with the U.S. Department of Education or by an act of God in which the Department of Education is able to slough off these disciples of critical theory who are intent on changing the entire social structure. And I sure wouldn’t count on the latter.

The next big hurdle which must be pole-vaulted is the teacher training programs in colleges and universities. Through no fault of their own, young and older students of education are being indoctrinated with Marxist philosophy. And most of them are completely unaware as they were denied the opportunities to explore the tragic failure of socialism while they were in high school.

Graduating teachers are not equipped to recognize the perils of the social experimentation of which they are the hands on scientists. These graduates came through a completed politically correct educational system. From start to finish their education was a social experiment. They were the guinea pigs, unfortunately.

There are the exceptions. The brightest kids are able to question the perversion of what they are being force fed. There are always children who are self taught. They have the discipline and motivation to find the answers, and they question what seems to be offensive to their own sense of logic.

We have a majority of young programmed teachers, but we also have strong-minded teachers who are swiftly becoming the minority. The older teachers who understand the dynamics of socialism and mind control are retiring. And the handful of brighter younger teachers who comprehend the game plan of the educational bureaucracy is dwindling.

Brighter college students are no longer willing to sell their talents short for the paltry salary of a teacher. They are moving into other fields where they have lucrative beginning salaries. They aren’t willing to spend twenty years in a profession to earn the same salary that they see their peers making upon graduation.

Millennials are not a generation of selfless individuals as were their predecessors from previous generations. Their wants and expectations at the age of twenty exceed the material appetites of the Boomers at retirement age. These young people, bright and not-so-bright alike, want things that they can never hope to acquire with a teaching career. There are no incentives to enter the teaching profession.

The poor teacher pay and the public’s sour image of teachers has produced a devastating future for pubic education. What can be done to reverse direction for our failing schools, or is it too late?

……………………to be continued


  1. our sons are on elementary school and when out oldest brings his math homework he tells me I’m doing multiplication and division the wrong way! I don’t understand what’s happening but it all looks like competition. but for what?
    then I heard that when they get to high school that those types of courses are forgotten and then we wonder what will be taught and ultimately ignored in history class. I guess as patents that we fill in the blanks and tell them about things that really happened as far as history and the documentation of it?
    I hate what’s happening in WV because now, and you’re totally right,that it’s turned into political competition with more fake promises and projections of the future in another ten years.

  2. What a great article and spot on to the everlying crisis of today’s public education turmoil. Love your blog.

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