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When Barack Obama left the White House, he didn’t leave Washington D.C. Unlike any president in the history of the country Obama moved a few blocks from his former residence in the nation’s capital and set up a war room dedicated to undermining the Trump presidency. And what is even more frightening is that his shadow government operates in the light of day.

First and foremost Obama is a community organizer. He has spent a lifetime of organizing and directing malcontents and special interest groups and spurring them into action. The nation’s first Marxist president even openly admitted that he would be staying involved in the nation’s business through community organizing.

He moved strategic members of his administration into a new role. He created “Organizing For Action” which is now 32,525 members strong and growing. These disciples of Saul Alinsky are dedicated to organizing communities for progressive change. They signal protests around the country and move into communities to provide the unrest necessary to cause chaos.

The mainstream media provides positive coverage for those involved in the chaos or protests as the resistance to the Trump administration and conservative politics are inspired and directed from the Obama headquarters.

Organizing For Action’s website clearly concedes that it is dedicated to keeping alive the agenda of the former president. Their purpose is to mobilize supporters in favor of Obama’s legislative policies.

Some may ask what Organizng for Action has to do with the WV teachers’ strike. I will respond that it is my contention that they are involved. I have no concrete sources which have alerted me to a direct link between the teachers’ unions and Organizing for Action.

But I learned well in my kindergarten class of “connect the dots,” and I have continued to find that answers to problems and solutions to the problems are always nestled within the connect the dot pattern.

First, as a teacher of over 30 years, I know teachers. They are dedicated and sacrifice for their students. The teachers I know don’t walk off the job without much provocation. But most importantly, they don’t stay out of school for two weeks.

The teacher walkout is the first union-led teacher strike in over thirty years. After over thirty years of coming in “almost” but not last (thank you Mississippi), West Virginia teachers are fed up, and rightfully so.

If you piggyback the poor teacher pay with the out-of-control healthcare insurance, you not only have irate teachers but emotionally charged educators. But what is being left out of the equation is that the healthcare bomb is a direct consequence of Affordable Healthcare Act which the teachers’ unions advocated vociferously. Otherwise known as Obamacare, this failed insurance debacle was implemented with the compliments of the teachers unions who worked with the Obama administration to make it the law of the land.

If it weren’t for their jobs of collecting teachers’ dues, donating to democrat candidates, and bringing pizzas into teachers’ lounges to lure in teachers during membership drives, the WV teachers unions have done nothing to make positive changes in the work environment for teachers. And let’s not forget their donations to the abortion control and command center known as Planned Parenthood.

Could there possibly be an oxymoron any more blatant than a teacher organization funding the extermination of the future children of America? Isn’t there something sinister about teachers union dues helping to fund an abortion clinic?

So, we have dissatisfied and angry teachers who need leadership. They want their voices to finally be heard. And their unions certainly don’t know how to organize a walkout or strike. The union leaders are so inept that they thought that they could negotiate a deal with the WV Governor Jim Justice for a pay hike without the presence and advice of the legislative leaders.

When Governor Justice said he would give the teachers a 5% raise, the unions sold the statement to the teachers as a deal. Are these union leaders so incompetent that they don’t understand the legislative process?

After being offered a 4% raise the union leaders spoke for the teachers and said, “We will be out of school indefinitely.” Let it be understood that the 1% difference in pay between the 4% and 5% raise would be $400.00 a year or after taxes about $25.00 a month. The teachers unions want the schools to remain closed until the teachers are promised an additional $25.00 a month.

Anybody who knows government knows that the legislative process is messy. It’s a back and forth, nerve-grinding necessary evil to the making of law. Its’ not for the impatient, squeamish, nor the uninformed who have no idea what is occurring.

But instead of opening schools while the process plays out, the complicit state and county superintendents keep the schools closed and stand in what is continually called, “solidarity” with the teachers. I think I have heard that word “solidarity” throughout history quite a few very “messy” times.

Considering that the lawmakers have promised to find a way to fix the PEIA insurance and that they have climbed out on a very weak financial limb to promise a 4% raise to the teachers, why aren’t the teachers unions sending teachers back to school?

Could it be that after decades of democrat administrations and legislatures, the republicans are now in control and the Left thinks that there needs to be a shakeup? Considering that teacher pay has been situated at the bottom of the national ranks for decades and the teachers unions found no reason to actually do something about it under the democrat administrations, one has to ask herself why now. But then again, maybe she already knows the answer to the question.

Rather than winding down, the teachers strike is garnering strength. It is now a national phenomenon as the teachers received handouts of pizzas from the good folks of San Francisco. Yes, the sanctuary city was for some reason motivated to fund a pizza dinner for the protesting teachers at the capitol.

And why would the good citizens of San Francisco find the teacher strike in WV to be such a noble cause….a strike which is now contingent on the demands for an additional $25.00 a month post taxes? Where is the link between the socialist city of San Francisco and WV teachers?

In addition CNN provided a link to a “gofundme” page for the striking teachers. What the heck is this about? The teachers are receiving their paychecks as usual. There has been no interruption of pay. But with pledges already up to $266,000 and growing, there might be a silver lining in this cloud after all unless it’s earmarked for the unions.

Some of my friends who have gone to the state capitol for the protests have told me that they are now becoming uncomfortable with the crowd. Not because it is violent, because it has been from all accounts respectful in regard to rowdiness. But as several have told me, it is clearly a democrat rally as the crowd becomes more and more incensed with the republicans in the senate who are determined to make the numbers fit with the spending.

One particular teacher friend told me that when the music began playing at the protest, she felt like she was at a festival. Another said that when the human chain began wrapping around the capitol, she left. And a third became upset when she saw a teacher with her daughter and the daughter was holding a sign which said, “The senate sucks and Justice (the republican governor) swallows.”

Where did this mentality come from? It came from community organizing. It is my conjecture that there is something and someone more powerful than the screwball teachers unions driving the WV teachers strike. And they are making their first imprint on the state to make WV blue again.

With over 32,000 members, Organizing for Action is on the move, and some of them have undoubtedly made their way onto the WV radar and are organizing the unsuspecting troops on the capitol steps. There is much more to this teacher strike than meets the eye. You can count on that!

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  1. Wow Judy, you have an amazing amount of knowledge,insight, devotion and unsurpassed writing talent. Your take on the teachers strike is spot on and your article warrants a page in the new York times, Huffington post, wall street journal, politico, or the likes… Oh but I forgot, they only print fictional, left winged, right bashing lies. THEIR LOSS.

    You should send this as an open letter to the WV superintendent of education, the WV
    Governor, The president of the WV teachers union, the Charleston newspaper, the President of the United States, ALL your local TV and radio news stations, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Martha McCallum, Laura Ingraham, Lou Dobbs, judge Jeanine Piro, RoseAnn Barr, jack Posobiec, Mike Cernovich, rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Herrmann Cain, Michelle Malkin, Mark Levine,Ann Coulter, Dr James Corsi, You are free TV, Tracy Beanz, and last but not least, to Barack Hussein Obama at the ORGANIZING FOR ACTION.


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