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A few days ago I had my hands slapped by Facebook. After several years of posting conservative commentary and thoughts on this social media giant, I received a notice which said that FB had deleted one of my posts, because it did not meet community standards. And they were so gracious to at least share with me the post they deleted.

I had been reprimanded for writing this: “Anti-Trump, anti-gun David Hogg’s father is a retired FBI agent. Imagine that. #weirdandweirder.”

For those who are unfamiliar with David Hogg, he is “supposedly” the Parkland school shooting survivor who within a day’s notice was making the circuit on mainstream media insisting on gun control. This young man threatened to not return to school until gun control legislation passed. Alrighty then, David, maybe you should start working on that GED.

Hogg is aggressive, prepared for battle, and obnoxious. He is insulting to gun advocates, and whether he realizes it or not, he is a short-lived rockstar, because he will be dumped by the Left as soon as he has served his temporary purpose of creating a little chaos during the Parkland crisis.

After insulting several conservative commentators, Hogg backed away from invitations to debate the gun control issue. Yes, cowardice is alive and well on the Left.

After receiving my notice from facebook that I did not meet the community standards with this post, I contacted FB and stated that my post was not vulgar, it was not racist, it was not threatening, and there was no malice to this factual information. My post was accurate and free from controversy.

I asked the FB managers to please be specific in their allegations that I did not meet community standards. What exactly had I done wrong? I could not meet guidelines without the criteria to do so.

FB did not bother responding even after my second request. So, I rewrote the same post about anti-gun, anti-Trump, David Hogg’s father being a retired FBI agent. I posted the same thought by rewording the content. At this point I have heard nothing, which is not to say that I won’t.

So, while I am contemplating a possible stint in FB purgatory or Siberia, a friend notifies me of another FB venture which apparently did meet “community standards.” Pay careful attention to the next paragraph. I will put it in caps.


Geez Louise and excuse the French, but what in the Sam hell is going on? Who are these perverts operating the the community standards bureau at Facebook that are even considering the tolerance of pedophiles surfing FB for girls, much less propositioning them with requests for porn pictures?

Is Facebook looking to tap into the market of pedophiles? Probably, if there’s enough money in the venture. But let a member of FB such as myself post a newsworthy comment, and I am threatened with time in the Facebook Gulag.

After complaints, Facebook scrapped this survey with the excuse that the question should have been better designed. Now, go make sense of that one. So, according to the apologists at FB, it’s okay to pander to pedophiles as long as the surveys asking for approval to run a pedophilia ring, are written thoughtfully and tastefully.

Oh yes, Dear Facebook, I Got it! You don’t need to respond to my requests about how I failed to meet your community standards. I am a conservative, and that is what matters.

On Facebook the real porn is conservatism. How about this you FB freaks in Silicon Valley? How about you do a survey asking your users if they believe conservatives are marginalized on Facebook?

But truthfully, they don’t care what conservatives think. We know that. But until the Fat Lady sings, I can use them like they use their members to manipulate public thought and attempt to control the conversation.

What Facebook isn’t considering is that some of us conservatives are as innovative as the progressive technocrats trying to maneuver the masses. If FB censors me, I will go on my merry way to get my message out.

I can become a woman of many faces and with many names and many accounts. I can get my message out on one forum and then move to another. I can network with like-minded friends to circumvent the Facebook fascists.

Facebook may think that they can control the message, and they can, but only to the extent that the complacent conservatives let them.

And think about this, how many decent people want to be associated with an establishment which even considers allowing pedophilia traffic on their social media website.

For far too long conservatives have been on the losing side of the culture war. And bluntly, it’s because they run from the fight. But in running you always lose. If conservatives choose to just take the progressive oppression in stride, the day will come that they will have no stride from which to choose. Choice will be a memory from the past.

If Facebook censors me, I will find a way. I’m with Tom Petty on this one. “You can stand me up at the gates of hell, but I won’t back down.”

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