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While the mainstream media frets about North Korea’s Kim Jong Un (aka. Rocket Man) taking advantage of President Trump, which is in itself a ludicrous attempt to downplay Trump’s command of the North Korea showdown, white genocide is occurring in South Africa.

Notably, the mainstream media is not on top of the narrative of the slaughter of white farmers, but not surprisingly. The fake news media worldwide ignores those little stories where white people are being killed en masse for their crime of being born white.

The media is so dedicated to political correctness that they cannot risk bruising the chronicles of white privilege and the evils of the Judeo-Christian western culture. And what’s a few thousand dead white people to help the transformation of the global world order arrive a little sooner. The ends does justify the means after all.

Since the media won’t do it’s job, it is up to We the People to get the word out to Americans, at least those who will listen and haven’t already succumbed to the living dead. A brain is a terrible thing to waste, but it seems the Left have squandered every last brain cell in their collective neocortex.

The South African Parliament voted overwhelmingly to confiscate the land of white farmers without compensation. Originally, the white farmers were being forced to sell their land to the government for a pittance. Blacks merely made a claim on the farm and the government would buy the farms and give them to the Blacks. In some ways this method would be similar to the Black Americans who are demanding reparations for slavery.

But a problem arose when it seemed that the South African Blacks decided that they did not really want the farms and preferred money. Many of the government purchased farms were abandoned by the Blacks to whom they were given. The government then voted to confiscate the farms without compensation.

Parliament President Cyril Ramathosa made a statement declaring that there would be land redistribution without compensation. Ah yes, redistribution is a term that Barack Obama finds to be so satisfying. Except Obama referred to it as a redistribution of wealth.

Ramathosa promised the land grab would be handled with care and responsibility. Maybe I’m just nitpicking, but seizing someone’s land cannot possibly be handled with “care and responsibility.”

All the while white farmers are being assaulted in the still of the night with most of the attacks coming between midnight and 6:00 a.m. In most cases no one is left alive to report on the number of attackers, but the few survivors have reported that the attacks generally involve between three and eleven raiders.

South African Whites have been told that if they protest peacefully about the rapes and murders on the farms, they will be killed. As one politician said, “We are not calling for the slaughter of white people, at least for now.”

I think this is the moment where the white people of South Africa are supposed to learn from the Jewish Holocaust and get the hell out of their country.

Julius Maleema, a Marxist South African activist wants to amend the South African Constitution declaring “Now is the time for justice,” that being the killing the Whites and the taking of their land.

South Africa is the canary and westernized nations around the world had better be listening to the canary’s song which is getting weaker and weaker. South African politicians admit that they are “cutting the throats of whiteness.” And they aren’t just whistlin’ Dixie.

Farmers are being hacked to death for the crime of being white. And this anti-white venom has spewed around the globe. Whites in South Africa are the hunted. But to alert the white communities of the impending threats would be to offend the offenders.

In other words it’s now racist to say that Blacks In South Africa are killing Whites. Because in the Land of the Left and the Lost, white people brought this vengeance-upon-whites epidemic on themselves.

White hatred is not going away. It’s growing and our nation’s universities are promoting and nourishing white privilege which is the euphemism for white hatred.

South Africa has given birth to white genocide. And the Left doesn’t want you to know the dirty little secret that America is pregnant with the seed.


  1. First intro to you. You seem smart. Educated. Recently there has been a twist in the reclamation progression. It seems that a company named Johannesburg Property Group has been buying houses in the city proper, and renting to foreigners. However, in the last three weeks, blacks have been illegally tossing the tenants out and “re-claiming” lost property.
    Having just learned of this, I dug a little and while have not as yet confirmed, it appears the ANC is involved, at least as far as financing JPG.
    Riots occur in JO’burg on a nightly basis, especially in the Orange Grove/ Houghton districts. Where more then 2 dozens properties have been “re-claimed”.
    While there a few cases where “re-claim” involved a property in disrepair and has now been improved, the reports are not so pleasant in others, and in those cases the occupants were FORCED to leave.
    Reverse racism is a disease. And like the vermin of rats, it is spreading from the outlands and into the cities. We aren’t talking decades anymore. We are talking months.
    It is easy to strike the farms. Due to distance. Less potential of real resistance.
    Now, moving into the cities? This gets bad real fast.

    • Thanks, Jim. You “get it”. Most of my friends who also “get it” believe we have years before things get really bad. But We don’t. The escalation is advancing rapidly while conservatives wait for Trump to fix things. Trump’s role in this mess is to slow things down. Love him or hate him, his best intentions will be met with so much resistance that his time in office will be only an historic reprieve in the war for the country. He is our moment to breathe after being suffocated by eight long years of Obama. Sadly, there will not be a resolution to this struggle without a violent national upheaval. We know this, because history has taught us this lesson. Barack Obama made sure that our national survival would be settled in combat.

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