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When it comes to the Left, there is no such thing as a reasonable law. The Democrat Party has been marinating in radical critical theory for decades. Democrats are no more interested in logic than Michael Moore is in a salad bar. But they try to appeal to the slightest bit of common sense that “just maybe” some of their constituents have maintained throughout their entire process of Marxist indoctrination.

Every law that the left-wing Democrats and some establishment Republicans support comes with an ambiguous contingency which can be stretched and distorted to meet their political agenda. Prime example; the mentally ill should not own guns.

Of course, normal people don’t believe mentally ill people should be brandishing weapons. But in truth, and I’m going to be brutal here, the Left doesn’t really care how many people are shot to achieve their unhidden agenda to disarm the American people. They take delight in the death count.

For the Democrats, everything always begins small. The Left walks with baby steps to almost all of their political destinations. And they inch along because to take the “Mother May I” giant steps would alert even those in their base, who still have a few functioning brain cells, of their dastardly plans for totalitarian rule.

The Democrats are the “Inchworm” Party. They inch along, but they always cross miles. They incrementally program the weak minded to accept the illogical policies that they put forward.

Florida Governor Rick Scott has signed into law a bill which allows for the confiscation of the guns of the mentally ill. The first case of confiscation occurred this week as law enforcement seized four guns and the ammunition from the home of a man who was involuntarily committed for psychiatric evaluation.

It is a reasonable conclusion that a mentally incapacitated man should not be handling any weapons. But he should also not be driving. Should we take his car? Should a person with a diagnosis of severe depression be allowed to own a gun? Should she be allowed to own a car?

Tens of millions of Americans are suffering with anxiety, depression, and other mild psychological disorders which could be categorized as mental illness. By what criteria are these individuals assumed to be incapable of using the proper judgment with the ownership of a firearm?

Is a medically induced state of confusion deemed as reason enough to enter someone’s home and grab their legally-owned guns? Many prescribed medications cloud the thinking processes. By whose definition of mental illness does the gun confiscation law become effective?

When a person enters a psychiatric facility for evaluation or treatment, does he automatically surrender his guns?

Senior citizens would be automatically disarmed as a presumed state of dementia could be applied to millions of aging Boomers. Forced medical tests, as many insurance companies are already mandating, can render an aging person as mentally confused, if it fits Big Brother’s guidelines.

Will patients taking Prozac, Celexa, Luvox, or Zoloft be red-flagged at the pharmacy? Will there be a hotline for individuals to report people they regard as crazy?

You can be assured that at some point all conservatives will be identified as mentally ill by the Left-wing radical powers. Climate change zealots have already suggested that those Americans who deny climate change be criminalized.

If a mentally ill person engages in behavior which is homicidal or suicidal, then he should be disarmed “temporarily” until he is treated and considered stable. His guns should not be confiscated for life.

Mental illness should not strip a person of his Constitutional rights. We have the technology and expertise to determine when a person is sane in terms of clinically stable.

Your Second Amendment rights are at risk. The “Inchworm Party” will never stop. At some point there will be a parting of the ways or a showdown. History has already taught us that lesson. Unfortunately, too many people were asleep in history class.

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  1. You are very informed & smart as a whip. I live in Florida, but please don’t hold that against me. Please be super careful; they don’t care for folks who share truth, but I do.

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