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At one time I was actively engaged in debating Democrats on Facebook. Truthfully, for me it was sport, because it doesn’t take much to wear the Democrat down. They don’t have the facts, they don’t have the truth, and they can’t argue reason. I knew I had won the debate when my democrat opponent started lobbing curse words and accusations of me being a racist, white nationalist, homophobe, bigot, or hate-monger. Bingo! My job was done.

As conservatives began to shrug off the phony antagonistic labels, the liberals switched tactics. They began to make up their own facts and just blatantly lie. It was their only line of defense against those conservatives who could put them to shame with data, details, and authenticity. Interacting with liberals was no longer fun. You can’t debate a liar.

When liberals lie, they automatically tilt the playing field. It’s just another Alinsky tactic to distort the narrative, because liberals know that if the truth is perceived by men of reason, their ideas will be rejected. Just as fake news is reported to manipulate public opinion.

And that is exactly what happened last week when my personal friend, Melody Potter, the Chairwoman of the West Virginia Republican Party, was publicly and verbally assaulted by the 3rd Congressional District Democrat candidate, Richard Ojeda and his democrat followers.

Melody was elected to the position of WVGOP chairwoman in January of this year. She is a fine Christian woman who encompasses Judeo-Christian principles and integrity. She is a woman who truly fights the good fight with passion and conviction.

Melody posted a picture of Ojeda meeting with the radical Leftie, Michael Moore, on the state GOP party Facebook page. She scolded Ojeda for insulting hard-working West Virginians with his buddy, the ultra-liberal and controversial Moore, and stated that the GOP would fight his bid for the U.S. House of Representatives. Melody’s comments were politically sound and in line with Ojeda’s political move to involve Moore in his campaign.

Ojeda responded to Potter’s criticism by accusing her personally of never working a hard day in her life, loving Ted Cruz, and for thinking that a weak-kneed Republican could possibly beat him. Melody responded on Twitter saying that Ojeda did not know of the work that she had done and that at least she had not taken government money. As Melody has explained, she raised a son by herself and prides herself for doing it alone without government assistance.

Ojeda and the Democrats immediately accused Potter of alleging that Ojeda should not be getting his veteran’s pension. the outcry became the familiar tune that the GOP doesn’t care about veterans. Ojeda live streamed his rant about Potter and GOP candidate for the 3rd Congressional District, Conrad Lucas.

Melody was verbally attacked on social media for words that were deliberately misconstrued. She was called the typical nasty names that democrat sycophants usually call their republican female opponents. The words were disgusting just as the Ojeda supporters who used them.

The progressive and anti-Republican Charleston Gazette forwarded the Ojeda/Potter dispute by claiming that it was “widely interpreted” that Potter was referring to Ojeda’s military pension when she referred to not taking government handouts.

Oh it was, was it? Don’t you love it when Democrat operatives use terms like “widely interpreted” in their attempts to fake a fact? No, it was NOT “widely interpreted” that Melody was referencing Ojeda’s military pension. The Left twisted her words to change the narrative from Ojeda chumming up to Michael Moore to a phony declaration of Potter attacking veterans.

And if the Charleston Gazette was not a left-wing rag, it would have clarified it’s statement by saying that “Democrats widely interpreted” Potters comment as insulting to veterans. But that would mean that the Gazette was a truth-telling publication, which it obviously isn’t.

So, let’s clarify Ojeda’s position. The Democrat Party stands with every individual and every institution which debases our American military and veterans. It was Barack Obama who apologized overseas for American and her military.

It was Michael Moore who called deceased hero Chris Kyle, the American Sniper, a coward. How does that work for you, Mr. Ojeda? Moore insulted Navy Seal widow Carryn Owens by calling her a pawn of President Trump. But that’s okay, because there is no truth for democrats.

It certainly looks to me that Mr. Ojeda is using his military service as a political weapon. Unless I missed the announcement, Richard Ojeda was not chosen as spokesman for the veterans of America. And face it, Ojeda, even the very liberal Washington Post reports that veterans overwhelmingly vote Republican. Again, that comes from the left-leaning Post.

Richard Ojeda may have had an honorable career in the military, and as an American, I appreciate his service. But a military career is not synonymous with patriotism. It is not synonymous with truth. And it is not interchangeable with lifelong honor. There are many veterans who lose their honor after retiring from the military, and deception is a definite mark of dishonor.

But Democrats, like thieves, have no honor, and Ojeda used dishonorable and deceptive tactics to attack his political critic. Now, rant about that, Mr Ojeda!

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