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Parkland anti-gun student activist David Hogg is making quite a name for himself. The day after the tragic school shooting Hogg was working the circuit of talk shows espousing his anti-gun rhetoric.

Hogg is an ambitious, fame-seeking young man who has taken on the gun lobby. Propped up by the Left he has a platform from which to regurgitate the anti-Second Amendment propaganda. But in reality Hogg is an expert on nothing, except maybe protesting and feeling important.

In an interview that Hogg gave to “The Outline”, Hogg is on video saying, “our parents don’t know how to use a f**king democracy, so we have to.” He referred to the pro-Second Amendment Americans as “sick f**kers” and “sh**ty persons” who care more about money than children’s lives. His rant was so profane that YouTube removed the video citing bullying by Hogg.

Something tells me that David Hogg is condescending to his parents when at home. I guess he blames them for not knowing how to “use a f**king democracy.” Sounds like a book title to me for the young up and coming government expert. I can see it on the New York Times Best Seller List now…”HOW TO USE A F**KING DEMOCRACY” by David Hogg.

My money says that the young whippersnapper, Mr. Hogg, cannot define the word democracy much less understand that the United States of America is a republic. But again, that would require that Hogg have some wisdom, which he so obviously lacks.

But I don’t want to be too hard on Hogg. After all, it isn’t his fault that the Left has been seizing all the young fools they can find to promote their agenda. It isn’t his fault that he was given a sense of self-worth and self confidence that he didn’t earn.

Whether it has been in the classroom, via entertainment, or technology, the Left has always targeted the youth. Because they know, like every thoughtful adult knows, that our youth are easily manipulated.

In 2009 Al Gore told an auditorium filled with young people not to listen to their parents. He even insinuated that older people were okay with discrimination because of skin color. Gore said, “There are some things about the world that you know that older people don’t know.”

Gore was indoctrinating young people on his bogus global warming get-rich-quick scheme. Gore may be a con artist, but he’s good at what he does, and like all good progressive operatives, Gore knew that getting the young people on board is the key to the ignition of any strong protest movement.

While the social justice warriors and social scientists have been busy working to deny our young people a quality education, rife with facts and critical thinking challenges, they have been successful in inflating the egos of the young and unaccomplished youth of today and of the last generation.

I continue to be amazed by the newly graduating professionals who traded knowledge of content for technology skills in college. And yet most of these young graduates enter the work force expecting to hire into positions of leadership. They don’t have the answers for any problems, but give them a computer and they will google it.

As a teacher, I routinely witness children being verbally abusive and disrespectful to their parents. From phone calls home demanding that the parents come after them to insulting back talk in parent conferences, I have seen just how low the parents’ role has fallen.

When a father was called in for a middle school parent-teacher conference recently, the female student said to her dad who was trying to interject himself into the conversation, “You stay out of it.” Well, there ya go, Mr. Father of a Spoiled Brat. Take that!

In my day, “Experience was the best teacher.” It still is. But the children have been programmed to believe that they know more than their parents. When they reach their teens, many of these young know-nothings take charge of their households. They tell their parents what they will and won’t do.

I have no idea if David Hogg is a good student or bad student. And really that would be insignificant considering the inflated grades which are passed out in the schools. Inflated grades to match the inflated egos of the self-congratulatory children who have accomplished very little and know even less.

Father knows best. And so does mother. Junior is just a social engineering project.

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