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Conservatives may be tired of seeing and hearing about anti-gun, anti-Trump Parkland activist David Hogg, but the attention he seeks is insignificant. He already has the attention, and Conservatives had better hope that this radical young man has his wings clipped before he soars.

It is true; a picture is worth a thousand words. A complex idea can be conveyed with one single image. The vast majority of people are visual learners. They assimilate, process, and retain information by having a visual presentation.

“I saw it with my own eyes” is a familiar but accurate statement. We all believe far more of what we see than what we hear.

Conservatives need to study the face and the body language of the kid who represents a sinister prototype of young persons who have grandiose delusions of grandeur. Hogg leads the pack of wolverines who have been handed strength and power despite their youthfulness.

Only the Left can stop this young man who was perched to become the voice of the anti-gun movement. And they may just want to, because he embodies a depravity that is just waiting to be unleashed. Hogg may serve a purpose for the Left, but even the older generation of liberals are going to have their senses offended by the malicious and aggressive attitude of this kid.

During an interview on TMZ with Harvey Levin, Hogg admitted that he has been rejected by all of the University of California campuses where he has submitted applications. Considering that almost anyone can get into college, and the University of California is not Ivy League, Hogg’s admission was quite startling in terms of his academic standing.

Hogg described the rejection as “annoying.” But to self-sooth his bruised ego, this megalomaniac stated, “I think there’s a lot of amazing people who don’t get into college, not only that do things like I do, but because their voices just aren’t heard in the tsunami that apply every year to colleges, in such an economic, in such an impacted school system that we have in America. I think it’s really sad, but it’s the truth.”

Hogg comforts himself by telling the audience that he’s okay with his rejections to college, because he is too busy changing the world.

Yes, this kid envisions himself as a player on the world stage. A seventeen year old kid, who can’t even get into the University of California, is so arrogant and self confident that he refers to himself as an amazing person who is changing the world.

There are personality types from whence monsters of men are created. Most never have the means to take the stage, but occasionally when they are recognized by someone like, say George Soros, they have their launch pad.

Hogg is so obnoxious and rabid that even the CNN ultra-liberal host Alyson Camerota was dismayed while interviewing him on her program. Camerota, who had mischaracterized Marco Rubio and his gun position, actually apologized to Rubio and appealed to Hogg to reconsider his harsh condemnation of the Florida senator.

She explained to Hogg that Rubio has been working behind the scenes to implement programs and laws which would ensure safer schools. Hogg, who considers himself to be much brighter than Camerota, not only disagreed with Camerota but doubled down on his original denouncement of Rubio and said that he had not been provocative enough in his damnation of Rubio.

Without question, Camerota’s exchange with the self-serving Hogg was uncomfortable for even this biased CNN host. She witnessed firsthand the hostility and contemptuousness of this self-congratulatory punk who lacks both knowledge and wisdom yet believes he can lead the charge to “change the world.”

George Soros is undoubtedly the puppet-master of Hogg. But Hogg just may self-implode as his youthful hubris and radicalism shock even the left-wing leaders who had hoped to make gains off of his aggression and belligerence.

When extremists like Camerota try to reign in the kid who thinks he is leading a revolution, even the Democrats might be whispering among themselves, “This guy ain’t no Barack Obama.”

The attempt to mainstream David Hogg as a voice of influence is going to backfire in a big way on the Democrats. The Left’s anti-gun message is going to get lost in the “Me Show” starring David Hogg, co-starring David Hogg, produced by David Hogg, and directed by David Hogg.

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