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Republicans and Democrats, who are paying attention, should be able to agree on one thing. There is no bipartisan approach to the -salvation of America, primarily because the Left doesn’t want the restoration of the Judeo-Christian western lifestyle as outlined by our Founders in the Constitution.

Conservatives are still trying to find that one commonality which will reconnect us, although it’s becoming more and more obvious each day that nothing, aside from an invasion by Martians, will unite the Right and the Left. On second thought, considering the Democrats Welcome Wagon party for the illegal aliens who are infiltrating the United States, they just may hand out voters registration forms and pamphlets to the space invaders with directions to the nearest welfare office.

But we are all waiting. For what, we aren’t sure. We just know that we haven’t seen butt ugly yet. The catalyst which unleashes that hideous beast which sits on the other side of the horizon is only days, weeks, or months away. Some Conservatives believe we have years before the proverbial SHTF. They are wrong.

And the left-wing radicals, which reside on a plane completely disconnected from reality, keep investing in steamrollers. They have a chimerical vision of disarming We the People and flattening us with their George Soros money.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has endorsed a call for a second Civil War, a war which will have the outcome of Democrat victory. He wants the Republican Party taken down without a shot being fired. Dorsey must be daft!

He believes Conservatives should be marginalized and driven from public life. So, that’s why Twitter has been shadowbanning Conservatives’ posts and sending Conservatives to Twitter Jail?

Jack Dorsey may be a successful social media technology geek, but his naivete is staggering. He’s just another wet-behind-the ears know-nothing progressive schooled in groupthink, and he’s clearly ignorant as to the ways of the real world outside of cyberspace.

But he’s right about one thing. The Democrats are successfully marginalizing Republicans in the public square. We saw it this week with the firing of conservative writer Kevin Williamson from “The Atlantic,” and we saw it last week with the attempted assassination of Laura Ingraham’s career at Fox News.

Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Pat Buchannon, and Lou Dobbs have all been victims of media marginalization. Conservatives on social media are experiencing a blackout as Facebook and Twitter control the availability of their posts. Google manipulates the access to conservative websites.

The universities program the graduates who hire into every American institution and influence ever aspect of the American way of life. Progressives have even infiltrated theology programs and the churches.

When church congregations are convinced to take down their crosses so as not to offend Muslims, that church has officially lost its way. When ministers adjust their sermons so as not to offend those individuals that The Bible specifically and prophetically condemns, then the church is worthless.

Democrats are hell bound and determined to control the message and the messengers. And when I say “hell bound,” I mean that literally. The ideology that the Democrats profess has always carried its converts straight into hell on earth.

Jack Dorsey’s prescription for what ails America is a disengaged We the People. But the good news is, there will be no disengagement of We the People unless We the People agree to disengage, which isn’t going to happen. In addition, Dorsey’s immature assessment for the ousting of Conservatives from the public forum is woefully unsophisticated and infantile.

He assumes there will be a repeal of the Second Amendment. He assumes there will be a strangulation of the First Amendment. And he concludes that Conservatives will not find a safe haven when the steamrollers are fully activated.

The Left has yet to experience the rage of the Right, explicitly because the Right understands what happens when hell opens up. But the Democrats, living in their own Utopia of unicorns and diversity, believe we will go quietly into the night as we denounce our faith, our principles, and our heritage.

Fighting for your freedom produces an adrenalin which is missing in those who fight for a delusive ideology which denies freedom. Truth to pen…the everyday average Democrat voter doesn’t even understand what the hell is going on. He and she are Vladmir Lenin’s “useful idiots,” existing in a world of Marxist theory and not even realizing their own complicity to their own demise.

But when hell’s portal opens up, the Left cannot depend on these Democrats. They are the British loyalists who soon became patriots after they figured out they were about to become subjects to the ruling class.

Ben Domenech, publisher of the Federalist, writes, “The pressure surrounding the American public square is building. It is steadily destroying the standing of institution after institution and bringing a certain frantic tension to every aspect of life. It will, eventually, explode. What that explosion looks like, I cannot tell you. But I can tell you that if you think Trump is the explosion, you are wrong. You haven’t seen it yet.”

And I contend that Domenech is right. What we have yet to witness will render President Trump to be merely a firecracker.


  1. what happened thay churches had to remove crosses?! I totally missed that one.. do you have a link for that so I van read more about it please or you can tell me more on that point you made? thank you! “)

    • I don’t provide links, but you can google it and find it. I will give you one article, and you find the rest. World Net Daily…”Lesbian Bishop..”Remove Crosses From Churches.” The Church of England is another example. There are many articles about the Church of England accommodating Muslims in their own church……The churches didn’t have to remove the crosses. They chose to. And you are welcome.

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