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If you are reading this commentary, you have probably already figured out that the Left, aka the Democrats, are coming to silence you and to confiscate your guns. That statement is not up for debate.

And they have already effectively semi-silenced us with their success in creating an acceptance for the purely ambiguous and subjective terminology known as “hate speech.”

By denouncing words and manipulating our language, the left-wing word police have created the perfect scenario for silencing the opinions of Conservatives and any others who may have views contrary to Marxist political correctness.

Bill Clinton was the paradigm of linguistic homicide with his infamous comment during Monicagate, “It depends on what your definition of “is” is.” Clinton’s overreach was a gift to Americans, though Democrats declined to open this transparent present.

His ridiculous statement was a window into the maniacal far-left laboratory of the Progressives. Anyone who attempts to dissect the meaning of “is” has unwittingly stepped into a mine field. A linking verb which expresses a state of being leaves little to ponder in respect to its meaning.

Conservatives impugn the Left for their hypocrisy which is their very lucrative payout for a decades long maneuvering of linguistics. And while Republicans can scream that the Democrats play unfair, they have to accept the responsibility for their own complacency. As legitimate as the finger-pointing at liberals may be, Republicans surrendered one inch at a time.

Presently, the First Amendment is on life support. We may think that we can speak our minds, but we are being monitored publicly. Whether it’s Facebook’s political Gestapo or the thought police in our communities, we are under surveillance.

But the plug on the life support will be pulled if the Left is successful in repealing the Second Amendment. If that would happen, the First Amendment will perish.

Conventional conservative thought may be too optimistic. The majority of Conservatives believe that the Second Amendment will never be repealed. The problem with that school of thought is that we are no longer a nation of laws. Our constitution has been shredded consistently and our courts are a hotbed of activism.

Democrat pundits run the media circuit crying out for “common sense gun control.” When you hear a Democrat adopt the term “common sense,” your bulls**t antennas need to spring up. There ain’t no such thing as a Democrat calling for common sense thought. You will have better luck finding a unicorn.

And if you are one of the “everything’s going to be okay” conservatives who deny any looming problems with gun confiscation, you need to turn your attention to Deerfield, Illinois.

Residents of Deerfield, Illinois have until June to turn in their guns to authorities, destroy them, or take them out of the town. Those who don’t comply will have a $250-$1000 a day fine.

According to the city leaders of Deerfield, the citizens do not have the constitutional rights to keep a gun in their homes to defend themselves from intruders. Oregon is pushing for a similar initiative.

Yet, the clueless Americans believe these unscrupulous anti-American Democrats who continue to say, “We don’t want to repeal the Second Amendment.”

A new Quinnipiac poll reveals that one-third of Democrats want to repeal the Second Amendment. For those Liberals who can’t do math in their heads, thirty-three percent is staggering when it regards the disembowelment of the United States Constitution.

It would appear that many Democrats would find another school shooting to be quite helpful to their cause, especially if there is a slime ball anti-gun sheriff who doesn’t find any urgency in stopping the shooter.

I have stepped in the normalcy bias trap. I have allowed myself to drift into that welcome place where I believe, or should I say “want” to believe, that when it comes to the guns, the Left knows better than to push their luck.

But I think I have been wrong. The Left doesn’t know better about anything. They are illogical, and basically, they are mentally unstable disciples of the world’s wickedness. They will not take “no” for an answer to anything. They will not back away from any issue, and they will not stop until they destroy the conservative narrative in America, which will officially bring about the collapse of the republic.

The First Amendment and the Second Amendment are two hills on which Conservatives must defend victoriously or be willing to die. Without them, a life of hell awaits in the corridors anyway.

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