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It is becoming more and more apparent why the Washington Establishment and former presidents did not want the outsider Donald Trump to win the presidency. Aside from the obvious reason that they consider themselves to be an exclusive group of the uppermost echelon, they also had secrets to keep.

Hillary Clinton’s presidential loss opened the closet door revealing the confidences of the privileged and the corruption within the club of the self-appointed aristocracy. Not surprisingly, Trump’s win was much more than a political loss for the democrats.

It was the antidote to the venom which has been circulating throughout the Washington Establishment and mainstream media during the last four presidencies. And like it or not, Republicans, the Bush family did nothing to halt the Marxist invasion of the political environment.

I have watched in amazement as President Donald Trump, a novice at politics, has managed to not only identify the corruption within Washington and the media, but taken the offensive on almost every problem threatening national security.

He has strengthened the economy, reenergized the job market, and slashed the regulations which were suffocating Americans. Unlike his predecessors, Trump is taking the opioid crisis seriously.

A federal drug raid took place this week in my home state of West Virginia resulting in a major takedown of drug traffickers and drug networks. The raid included the seizure of enough fentanyl to kill 250,000 people (and for you liberals that’s a quarter of a million).
Does anyone believe this raid would have occurred had President Trump not declared war on the drug cartels?

The expanding problem of a drug crisis in America isn’t a new dilemma. It has been the elephant in the room since the early 1990s. But Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama put no real effort into stopping the influx of drugs into the country.

It was, in fact, Bush 43 and Obama who presided over the nation while the opioid crisis mushroomed. These two presidents did nothing to effectively interrupt the invasion of the drug cartels. Both men encouraged open borders.

Why did Bill Clinton, Bush 43, and Obama allow North Korea to continue to intimidate the world with their treacherous and burgeoning nuclear program? Why would these three presidents allow a two-bit dictator to control the narrative? Were they not smart enough to challenge Kim Jong Un, or didn’t they care?

In a little more than a year, President Donald Trump has confronted issues that the past four presidents neglected. Could it be that Trump went to Washington to solve problems and not to grow a dynasty? Could it be that his motives are about serving and not about wealth empowerment?

Watching President Trump take on the multiple problems facing this country makes me wonder just what in the hell Clinton, Obama, and the Bushs were doing for 28 years. They were so busy nation building in the Middle East that they forgot about the citizens of America.

As President Trump continues to find solutions to America’s problems, he is necessarily exposing the weak presidencies of his predecessors who were either weak or transformative. If Trump accomplishes what he sets out to do, history will recount the weaknesses of Bush41, Clinton, Bush 43, and Obama. Their legacies will be shattered.

President Trump to the rescue!


    • Dear Kelly, opinions are worthless without facts and details. So, that would make yours a moot point. On a second note, the people of North and South Korea may find your argument to be impotent considering that Trump is engineering a peace in their countries that the leaders of the world and America have been unable to accomplish. He may be able to rescue people after all. Oh my, but you would hate that wouldn’t you?

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