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Eric Erickson, NeverTrumper and founder of the blog RedState, received some bad news today when he learned that his website had gone belly-up and massive layoffs headlined the weekend. He tweeted that his account had been turned off by Salem/Townhall.

Salem Media bought RedState in 2015, during a time when RedState was a conservative site. But that all changed with Donald Trump when Erickson and the NeverTrump crowd used RedState to promote the anti-Trump movement.

I became concerned about RedState and wrote several commentaries about the anti-Trump RedState blogger, Susan Wright. I could predict Wright’s anti-Trump messages of the day, and I eventually avoided RedState. And apparently so did a lot of other once-upon-a-time RedState followers.

If Susan Wright, Eric Erickson, and the entirety of the RedState writing staff don’t like Donald Trump, so be it. But the obsession with Trump has reached a crescendo, and conservatives don’t want to hear it. We don’t want to read it.

We have a country to save with only two directions in which to move. To the left or to the right. RedState’s continued harping on a president, who has governed more conservatively than any president since Ronald Reagan, has become not only monotonous but deranged.

RedState staffers could be writing for Huffington Post if one measures their ideology by the content of their material and their persistent assault on President Trump. I actually have more patience with the radical left writers of Washington Post, because they don’t hide behind the banner of conservatism.

RedState has helped to prop up the anti-Trump fury across the nation. They have used a false narrative of conservatism to help the democrats and the far left. RedState bloggers have bolstered the Trump/Russian collusion fairytale.

Eric Erickson states that he’s sad to witness the gutting of his writing staff. Is he really that clueless, or has his hatred for Trump been his disconnect from reality?

Dear Eric, if you had really wanted to keep your blog site healthy and popular, you just needed to tell the truth about your political leanings. You lost your account because RedState went blue. It’s that simple.

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