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As a rule I don’t condemn anyone who is about to draw his final breath from his deathbed. But John McCain has made it increasingly difficult to ignore his very shallow character. As the curtain falls on the last act of his life, McCain is choosing to spend those moments with a backdrop of political spite.

As he readies for the release of his new book, “The Restless Wave,” McCain is publicly lamenting that he chose Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate in the 2008 presidential election. While he doesn’t slam Palin as inferior to the Washington Swamp’s Good Ole Boys Club, he admits that he should have chosen Joe Lieberman, the life-long democrat who converted to an Independent.

McCain had been advised that Lieberman’s pro-choice position would not sit well with his pro-life GOP base. And his advisors were right. Republicans would have been extremely squeamish with the likes of the elderly progressive McCain with another old guy from the Washington establishment and a former Democrat to boot.

What self-respecting Republican would celebrate the nomination of the guy who was on the 2000 presidential ticket with the nefarious Al Gore? Lieberman made a choice to run with the despicable Gore. And now McCain believes that he should have chosen Lieberman rather than Palin.

Oh, I get it. Now McCain is excuse-making for his presidential loss. “It wasn’t my fault,” he is signaling. “It was Sarah’s. She just wasn’t a good candidate.”

Well, have I got news for Mr. Magoo McCain. Sarah Palin saved his sorry butt from total humiliation. Sarah Palin took the fight to the Democrat Party and Barack Obama. She was one of the first on the scene to expose the socialism which was the hidden agenda that McCain refused to acknowledge. And it is not surprising now as we begin to discover that McCain was a part of the progressive socialist scam.

John McCain’s presidential candidacy was like leftover lunchmeat. His party base lacked enthusiasm for what they were being forced to devour as the nominee for their conservative platform. Magoo McCain had no appeal, no intensity, and a lackluster spirit.

McCain lacked eloquence, presentation, and the spontaneity to animate his base. He refused to call out Obama for his “redistribution of wealth” promises.

Sarah Palin turned McCain’s entire campaign around. His rallies took on a new life when Sarah appeared. She was energized and had the courage to stand against the Washington Establishment. Now that we know the depth of the Washington Establishment corruption, Sarah should be heralded for never bowing to their wickedness.

Sarah was ridiculed with the same intense condemnation that President Trump’s critics have hurled at him, and unlike Trump she did not have the wealth to finance the resources to help her stand against the wave of attacks. She kept her composure and continued to stay on her feet fighting.

Let’s suppose McCain truly regretted not selecting Lieberman as his vice presidential sidekick. Wouldn’t a real man have maybe just called Lieberman and shared that regret rather than to disgrace the woman who was responsible for covering his sorry ass while his own campaign staffers denigrated her?

Oh no, he couldn’t do that, because it has always been about John McCain. He could not even spare Sarah Palin the unnecessary pain of being gut-punched by her own political peers again.

To be sure, McCain took the opportunity to take his swings at Donald Trump in his memoir. He wrote that Trump’s appearance of toughness became more important than American values. In reality, it is John McCain who is baffled by American values.

A humble man, who would soon be leaving this earth, would want to share his thoughts on family, friends, and his life travels. He would not be taking potshots at Donald Trump nor leaving a woman, who is an authentic conservative, with a feeling of shame and sorrow.

A “real” man would never have thrown Sarah Palin under the bus as an excuse for his own failings. He would have considered the feelings of Sarah and her family before making his grand announcement of regrets.

The deathbed is a place for soul-searching. It is a place for breaking one’s silence for the sake of another, not the place for breaking one’s silence for personal glory.

Personally, John McCain is a man I once greatly admired, before I had all the facts about who the man is. I am saddened that he will be meeting his demise as a deserved, deflated hero, if he ever was really a hero, which is debatable.

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  1. You would think when a person’s life is hanging in the balance that they would be thinking about their soul.

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