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Bill Maher is accusing President Trump of undermining our democracy with “political” pardons. Maher never did have any integrity. And he obviously thinks that the uninformed masses will fall for his tripe.

But nothing is new as the Democrats have always been the party of hypocrisy. Perhaps, Maher might want to take a stroll down memory lane to Bill Clinton’s last day in office when he pardoned Marc Rich. Rich was an international fugitive who faced a list of charges, one being trading with America’s enemies, including the Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran. Rich bought 200 million dollars worth of oil from Khomeini while Iran was holding 53 American hostages. But Slick Willy had no problem with that.

Rich fled to Switzerland and lived in exile. Yet, it seems that Rich’s ex-wife, Denise, contributed $450,00 to the Clinton library and a cool million to Clinton-related Democrat campaigns.

The outrage was deafening, even by Democrats who still had some convictions at that time. Maher is conveniently okay with Rich’s pardon. Nothing politically motivated by that pardon, right Billy?.

While Clinton was pardoning the traitorous Rich, he was simultaneously pardoning the two Weather Underground terrorists, Linda Sue Evans and Susan Rosenberg. Rosenberg was involved in the planning of a bombing which killed two police officers and a security guard. Rather than to face criminal prosecution she went on the lam and began plotting more bombings.

When she was eventually captured, she was sentenced to 58 years in prison, and the judge recommended no parole. At her sentencing she appealed to her supporters to continue their war against the United States.

Conveniently, Rosenberg’s lawyers were from the high powered Williams and Connolly law firm. As luck would have it for Rosenberg, Williams and Connolly represented Bill Clinton during his impeachment proceedings. Oh my, it seems that it really is a small world.

Clinton pardons a traitor and a terrorist on the same day. Rosenberg’s pardon was precisely a commutation of the sentence to time served, and she was immediately released.

Moving on down the road, let’s take a look at Barack Hussein Obama’s pardon record. Would we not consider his pardoning of the traitor Chelsea Manning to be political?

And then there was Obama’s pardoning of the unrepentant terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera. In 1981 Rivera was sentenced to 58 years in prison and even made an attempted escape in 1988. Yet Bill Clinton made an offer of clemency to Rivera and 14 of his FALN terrorist buddies if they would renounce violence and terrorism. You know how that goes, “Hey guys can you give us a pinky promise that you won’t blow anyone else up?”

Fourteen of the terrorists gave the pinky pledge, but Rivera refused. He just couldn’t promise to not blow anyone to smithereens. It was a sad moment for Slick Willy to run across such a stubborn terrorist. Unfortunately, Bill could only release fourteen of the FALN terrorist group.

But the good news is that Barack Obama found some worthiness in releasing Rivera without the pinky pledge. Leftists were so excited that even New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted a big thank you to Obama for giving Rivera clemency. Considering that Rivera was teaching other terrorists how to make bombs to blow up New York City, de Blasio’s glee was somewhat strange…..But I have to keep reminding myself that expecting those on the Left to behave rationally is redundant.

President Trump pardons the very dear conservative genius, Dinesh D’Souza, and the Left immediately calls foul. D’Souza’s crime was nothing more than a breach of campaign finance laws which were unwisely put onto the books with McCain-Feingold. He was a political target and convicted of a crime that is used only to target conservatives. D’Souza is a very courageous voice for conservatism, and the Left needed to silence him.

Clinton and Obama pardon terrorists, traitors, and international refugees guilty of injurious actions against the United States and Trump pardons a wise conservative hero. And Bill Maher accuses Trump of politicizing pardons. NOW THAT IS REALLY RICH!

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