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I admit that I have been a Trey Gowdy junkie. His what-seems-to-be total control of a situation, be it a news interview or congressional hearing, is totally impressive.

I have been so addicted to his takedown of corrupt players that I have spent hours watching videos of his style as he has made the elite squirm. Nothing does my heart good as much as an opportunity to watch the swamp creatures fidget under the scrutiny of Gowdy……….Gowdy’s abundance of self confidence can only be describe in one sentence. “The guy’s got swag.”

Gowdy knows he’s probably the brightest guy in the room. He knows he can outthink most in the Washington Establishment. And he knows that makes him dangerous.

But Gowdy isn’t perfect. He’s a human being capable of taking the bait if it is appealing. He is capable of compromise, like it or not.

It is my assertion that Gowdy has stepped into something. His body language suggests that he has surrendered some of his confidence. His facial expressions reflect those of a man who is spinning, and typically Gowdy is a straight shooter, not a spinner.

But the focus of my commentary is not Trey Gowdy. It is Devin Nunes. I bring up Gowdy to parallel the two men.

It has only been within the last year that Nunes has become recognized as a formidable personality in Congress. As the chairman of the House Intelligent Committee, Devin has challenged the Department of Justice and FBI in his assertion that corruption within the agencies has led to both FISA abuse and a phony narrative of Russian collusion within the Trump campaign.

Nunes, a rare California conservative has been stalwart with his investigation into the messy affair. But unlike Gowdy, Nunes is not a left-wing media darling. Nunes does not have the Gowdy-like groupies who hang on his every word.

To the contrary, Devin Nunes has been insulted and badgered by the Establishment as he has led his investigation into what we all know is criminal activity by the Obama administration which carries over into the FBI and Department of Justice.

Nunes is not the articulate and eloquent pitbull prosecutor. He is a bright man who is determined to get to the truth, and he is willing to take the slings and arrows as the not-so-popular guy who knows that “Spygate” is real.

Devin Nunes is not a shade-wearing showboat. He is a steady-as-she-goes kinda guy whose focus is on getting to the truth. Nunes does not wear his confidence on his sleeve. He has an inner confidence which urges him forward towards justice.

Nunes is a hero, but unlike Trey Gowdy, Devin is the guy without the swag.

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