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We all fall for marketing ploys of one kind or another. And nothing appeals to us more than those tactics which manipulate our emotions and gratify our egos. We are suckers for anything that keep reminding us that “life is all about me.”

The newest trend is to compromise your DNA by allowing companies such as “Ancestry” to access your gentic code. Think about that one for a minute. Allowing the world to inspect the inner you is downright frightening.

There is nothing more personally sacred than an individual’s DNA. It is one of the few things in this life than no one can take from you. You are born with it , and you die with it.

But the “Let’s all celebrate who we are” crowd wants you to jeopardize your God-given identity. And they persuade you with feel-good, heart-warming stories about connecting with your family from afar. They charge you to have your identification on their files AND in their computers.

Your DNA is the footprint of your existence. No one under any circumstances should surrender this precious genetic instruction to strangers. AncestryDNA promises to safeguard your privacy. Really? Really? Do you believe that’s even possible?

Most “Ancestry” customers agree to allow the company to share their “anonymous” identity with scientific research partners. But do they know that a secretive Google subsidiary is one of those partners? And we all know how ETHICAL Google can be.

I find it doubtful that most customers realize that “AncestryDNA” has banked away their spit, as in hundreds of gallons of the yucky sputum.

I have a friend who recently took a trip to Scotland with one of her friends. Her friend had discovered on “Ancestry” that she is the long lost cousin of a Scottish Royal. She notified the said duke, and received no reply. But she was determined to make the trip anyway to find her family.

“Ancestry” appeals to vanity. We are who we are, because of the decisions we make in life regarding our personal experiences. But yet we are constantly looking for reasons to explain our personalities and why we are who we are.

Do not let “Ancestry” define you. Be who you are, because God made you. That is all you need to know.


  1. Sad news from Charles Krauthammer today. He was a democrat liberal who possessed the intellectual curiousity to break out of the rigid orthodoxy of the increasingly progressive demo party and think for himself. This country will miss his insightful commentary. I am puzzeled as to why so many of my contemporaries are democrats/liberals/progressives. As the children of the greatest generation, we grew up knowing better. Gen X & Y and the millenials I can understand why since the democrats began in the sixties to create the great Society (welfare state) to perpetuate themselves in power. Politics has always been and will be I assume a grab at power for the sake of power over other people. Many of my generation way patiently for the beginning of the second american revolution with the hope that we will be around to participate in it. Keep up your narrative, never let them shut you down. There are too few voices left in the wilderness and the darkness fast approaches. Go Red Dragons and to the town of St. Albans, what a great place to have grown up in the 1950’s! Those times are unfortunately gone forever.

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