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Newt Gingrich has a new book out in which he aptly explains that the political war in America is a “to the victor goes the spoils” scenario. I haven’t read the book, entitled “Trump’s America: The Truth About Our Nation’s Great Comeback,” but I am sure that like all things “Newt” it’s a great read.

In the review of the book Gingrich claims that there is no room for compromise between the Left and the Right. As a proponent of this sentiment myself, I might add that the “no compromise” assertion is in itself an understatement.

The final stand between the big government Marxists and the Liberty-loving freedom fighters of conservatism will be a winner-takes-all victory. And to the losers go the crumbs of the failed Marxist revolution.

There is no room in this country for social justice anti-American warriors and traditional Judeo-Christian Americans. That’s not to say that social justice thinkers can’t live among the liberty-loving masses. But it is to say that the social justice activists must be defeated and situated in their rightful social position of irrelevance.

Like Christianity and Islam, liberty and oppression cannot coexist. And make no mistake about it, social justice warriors want a different America. They are anti-American in regards to our Bill of Rights. They fight against an America they view as unfair. Bluntly, they are takers.

Social Justice warriors are not interested in leveling the playing field for minorities. They want white Americans and conservative Americans marginalized. Social Justice Warriors aren’t interested in justice. They do not want a harmonious community of Americans who work respectfully together for the good of the nation. They want a reversal of roles for those whom they perceive to be masters and those they deem to be slaves.

In the world of a Social Justice Warrior there is no room for us all. And their plan to usurp the culture and political stratosphere involves ridding the landscape of all constitutional barriers which stand in the way of their tyranny.

Ideological wars are as violent as armed combat, but it is a mentally grueling form of warfare. And the average person doesn’t understand the strategies employed or why they are being employed. They see ugly, and they don’t like it. Unfortunately, getting ugly is the only way we win this war.

While others wring their hands and worry about President Trump getting ugly, I welcome his uncompromising obstinance. If he can save this country, I am not worried about how many snowflakes he offends. I don’t care whom he insults . And I don’t care if he is obnoxious…….The Left likes to throw their punches, but they cry when someone punches back.

This is war, and winner takes all. I want my country back, and I don’t care what it takes to get it back, even if it means disparaging a whiny group of NFL and NBA millionaires.

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