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Few Americans have ever heard of billionaire George Soros, much less understand his control of the Democrat Party, thanks to the fake news mainstream media. He is the man who has admitted that he wants to control the world, and he uses his billions to manipulate the media, the currency, and the American political environment.

If one man could be blamed for the radical transformation of America, it would not be Barack Obama. It would be the Hungarian-born atheist, George Soros, and his worldwide pursuit of the one world global order.

Soros, whom the Left likes to portray as a Holocaust survivor, is in truth the man who uses his money to create oppressive regimes and totalitarian governments. And you have only to listen to him yourself if you doubt his autocratic and ruthless personality.

Soros was born into a wealthy Jewish family in Hungary. His father was a lawyer who recognized the anti-Jewish landscape as a forerunner to the Holocaust. He split his family and sent fourteen year old George to live with his non-Jewish godfather.

Your first instinct is “Poor George,” right? Unfortunately, your assumption would be wrong. The eighty-seven year old admits in multiple interviews that the year of German occupation in Hungary was the happiest time of his life.

In a “60 Minutes” interview with Steve Kroft, Soros describes himself as excited and happy as he accompanied his godfather to confiscate the land and belongings of Hungarian Jews. He states that despite the suffering around him, he used it as a learning experience and realized that he must always project his thoughts to the future.

When asked if he had guilt for his role in assisting the German confiscation, he quickly denied any remorse. To the contrary, he said that he perceived it to be like the markets, “if you don’t take it, somebody else will.”

To put it bluntly, George Soros found the horror of the Holocaust to be thrilling. And he has spent the last 73 years deliberating and planning for world control. Taking from others is not an issue for Soros. In his own cruel and despotic mind, he is supreme.

How one man has exploited the world economy and the American political environment is a story in itself. It is beyond the comprehension of most of us to even imagine the depth of the power that could accomplish such feats, not to mention the desire for omnipotence. And truthfully, the scope of evil encompassed by Soros is a matter that I wish to avoid.

To say that Soros is one “spooky dude”, as Glenn Beck often referred to Soros, is without a doubt an understatement. But there is good news.

“Spooky Dude” has figuratively met the man who will stop him and his evil agenda for worldwide communism. And Soros even confesses his concerns that President Donald Trump is behind his woes.

To quote Soros, because of Trump, “everything that can go wrong is going wrong.” His dream of globalism and the destruction of the American republic is being unraveled leaving the all powerful Soros at a loss.

The 87 year old atheist acknowledges that he did not expect Donald Trump to win the 2016 presidency. “Apparently I was living in my own bubble,” he stated this week. “We hit a brick wall in California,” he continued in reference to the voters’ rejection of Soros-backed candidates in the Golden State this past Tuesday.

Soros, a notable Clinton supporter, disclosed his dissatisfaction with New York feminist Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and her role in ousting Senator Al Franken. Gillibrand may just want to hire extra security considering Soros has put her in his crosshairs.

There are two lists that Democrat operatives should probably avoid: the Soros naughty list and the Clinton suicide list. Note to Kirsten; “You may want to refrain from taking late night walks. And make your intentions clear now, that you have no thoughts of suicide. It never hurts to prepare.”

It’s no secret that President Trump is no saint. And candidate Donald Trump never pretended to be innocent, holy, or pure. Americans elected Trump with their eyes wide open. But the degree of the evil which drives George Soros is incomprehensible and indefensible to normal Americans.

Soros describes President Trump as a narcissist who considers himself all powerful. Seriously? George “the Nazi sympathizer” Soros is accusing Donald Trump of acquiring power? You gotta love it.

Who knew it would just take the election of Donald Trump to bring the engineer of a communist world order to his knees? Who could foresee the billionaire reality star, who wears his battle scars, warts, and blemishes for all to see, as capable of taking George Soros to his knees?

If the people of the village wait for the purist man to slay the dragon, thousands will be eaten before they find their man, or should I say “if” they even find their man. But if the people send out the flawed man, who is willing to meet the dragon in his den, the entire village may be saved.

President Trump is going to politically slay George Soros, and Soros knows it. After his 73 years of pursuing world power, the 87 year old had it at his fingertips. And the POTUS has cut off his hands.

The Nazi sympathizer is bleeding out. Don’t call an ambulance!

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