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As John McCain lives out his last days, he continues to remind Americans that his bitterness lives on. While most people embrace their loved ones in their final moments of life on this earth, McCain chooses to viciously focus on his stark hatred for President Donald Trump.

In what I can only describe as bizarre, McCain tweeted, “To our allies: Americans stand with you even if our president doesn’t.” The failing Arizona senator cannot even let go of his animus for Trump long enough to exhaust his fading energy on the people he loves rather than someone he hates.

And McCain is wrong with his assumption that Americans stand with the progressive allies of the new world order. They don’t. They overwhelmingly stand with this president which becomes more and more evident each day as Trump’s popularity grows and the midterms get closer.

Americans are applauding this president, because for the first time in decades, a United States President is putting the interests of the American people ahead of the global community and the radical elites who need America in decline. And for the first time since the presidency of Ronald Reagan we have a president who considers political correctness to be a millstone around the necks of everyday Americans.

It is sad that in the twilight of his life, John McCain envisions himself the leader of America, the voice of the nation. Even his longtime pal, Lindsey Graham, expresses disagreement with McCain’s position.

To assure that his legacy continues, McCain is even passing down his senate seat to his wife, Cindy. Americans are expected to accept her appointment out of respect for McCain. But what if we don’t respect John McCain? And then there’s the minor detail that Cindy McCain wasn’t elected. Nepotism starts at home, or maybe I should say “in the Senate.”

Just when we think the saga of this questionable Viet Nam war hero is dwindling, McCain lunges for relevance and attacks Trump. The career Arizona politician doesn’t get it. His role in American history is just a blip on the historical radar. He is here, and he will be gone in the blink of an eye, just like us ordinary people.

I had hoped that we had heard the last from Senator McCain, not because I wish for his death, but because I had hoped that the man would at least, on his death bed, find some form of wisdom and humility. I imagined that he would finally find the perspective that we all should find, which is; “in the end, none of these earthly powers matter.”

Unfortunately for McCain, his hostility is all consuming, and he just can’t let go of his contempt for Donald Trump. Rather than to surround himself with family and friends as he prepare for what awaits him as he passes from this life to the next, McCain chooses to attack conservatives and the sitting president.

John McCain just needs to go away. He needs to leave the national limelight and be John McCain the man, not John McCain the vindictive old fool.

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  1. Well you were remarkably prescient in this June piece. After watching the dawn to dusk coverage of the McCain proceedings and particularly his daughter Meghan’s impassioned Attack on Trump at McCains funeral today literally was revolting. What should have been a solemn occasion was marked by the bitterness carried over from father to daughter. So sad

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