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The fake news media will need crane operators to lift their chins up off the floor after President Trump’s successful Singapore Summit. As inconceivable as it may be, the Left simply doesn’t want peace or prosperity under any conditions, especially during the Trump administration.

Just days ago the repulsive and obnoxious left-wing comedian, Bill Maher, said he would like to see a recession during the Trump administration, adding of course, that he wants it to save the democracy. Maher demands an eight figure salary, so it would be accurate to say that a recession would not dampen his lifestyle unlike the millions of Americans who would suffer greatly.

Maher doesn’t have a problem with financial ruin for the masses as long as his political agenda has legs. “Let the peasants eat cake!” Right, Bill?

As for saving the democracy, I have a message for Maher. “It’s a REPUBLIC, you toad.” And that’s precisely what President Trump is doing. He’s trying to save the republic, after decades of progressive dolts intentionally orchestrating a conspiratorial and clandestine funeral service for the United States Constitution.

If the economy is strong under President Trump, the Left fears that their own constituents will recognize the flaws of their socialistic policies. They will never regain their power if their ignorant followers prosper under the GOP administration.

Although I must admit, “Useful idiots don’t let facts and reason get in the way of their completely illogical thought processes.” So, despite a growing and prosperous economic landscape, the left-wing faithful sheeple will always vote against prosperity.

The bumbling and foolish Nancy Pelosi, who has proven that the dumbest people in America can get elected to office, brushed off the Trump tax cuts, which put at least an extra hundred dollars a month into most taxpayers pocket. Pelosi called the extra take home pay “crumbs.” Pelosi is so financially illiterate that she cannot even comprehend that something is better than nothing. And she is so out of touch with every day Americans, whom she professes to champion, that she cannot even perceive their struggles from paycheck to paycheck.

Newsflash for Prissypants Pelosi! One hundred dollars might seem like crumbs to high fallutin’ politicians who make millions overnight in backroom deals, but the average American worker is thankful for that extra one hundred dollars a month. But Miss Priss would actually have to want to help the middle class to appreciate their plight. And she doesn’t, unless of course, you might be looking for the nearest abortion clinic. Then she’s your gal.

I have difficulty stomaching the fake news media. But my husband, who is much more courageous than I, convinced me to take the MSNBC challenge. He turned to MSNBC to watch some of the Singapore Summit coverage. He held my hand to help me through the stomach-churning propaganda. As expected, the fake news commentators devalued the significance of the historical meeting.

And many of these radical Lefties, who have found solid ground within the confines of dishonest journalism, delightfully proclaim that President Trump is as deranged as Kim Jong Un. I would suggest that the bloviators at MSNBC and CNN sit down and have a heart-to-heart with the parents of Otto Warmbier. They might just change their minds. Nah! On second thought, these journalists aren’t interested in truth. They want to hate Donald Trump.

Most thoughtful conservatives understand that the Singapore Summit was not the signed, sealed, and delivered deal that guarantees a denuclearized North Korea. But we recognize the opening of a half a century old closed door. Kim Jong Un, who is limited in negotiation skills and intellectually stunted, made an unprecedented gesture.

Whereas Bill Clinton’s Secretary of State Madeline Albright danced the Macarena as a negotiating strategy with Kim Jong Il, President Trump brought Il’s son to the table. Yet, per usual, the Left has railed and ranted against the phoniness of it all. According to the ding dongs at MSNBC and CNN, who are trying to tap dance around the unprecedented historical rendezvous, the Singapore Summit was a photo op.

Democrats don’t want peace and prosperity under a Democrat president, much less Trump. They need for the masses to be victims. They need for We the People to be poor and frightened. They need for America to be weak.

If Americans are optimistic about a prosperous and peaceful future, they are less likely to fall prey to the snake oil salesmen who peddle socialism. There must be a national market for doom and depression if the Democrats expect to stay on top.

So, if you are waiting for the fake news media to admit that the United States economy is turning around and the world is moving towards peace, you will be waiting through eternity. Chaos and poverty breathe life into the Left, no matter which party is in charge.

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  1. As usual, right on. I spent a good portion of (news watching time) the last two days watching MSNBC, CNN, and the other 3 “mainstream” news outlets. Without fail, it is all gloom and doom. They are so invested in the narrative that it appears they may actually believe the pap they spout. A classmate of mine from St.Albans may have summed it up when he opined that the liberals were so bent on destroying America, started under Obama, and they figured they would turn America into a needy government dependent socialist “paradise” and it would come to fruition under Hillary bit lo and behold, a billionaire playboy real estate developer from Queens rode in to save the republic! W ain’t dead just quite yet, there is still hope

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