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I should probably begin this piece by defining NeverTrumpers, at least as to my translation, as non-left individuals who have sworn to shun every action taken by President Donald Trump. The NeverTrump crowd professes to be conservative but rejects Trump’s undeniably conservative policy-making.

At the onset of the GOP primaries I had sympathy for the NeverTrump Party. Let’s be honest here. Then candidate Donald Trump was relentless and ruthless in his bid for the GOP nomination. Dubbing Ted Cruz as “Lyin’ Ted” brought my blood to a boil. I did not like Trump’s vulgarity nor his boastful manner.

But after he won the GOP nomination, I was all in for the only legitimate candidate who could keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House. Was I blinded to Trump’s bawdy past? Absolutely not! I like Reaganesque statesmanship.

Nevertheless, I am a firm believer in “fighting with the army you have.” You go with what you have in your arsenal, and Trump was a military-style double edge dagger. And when he turned his alpha male fighting spirit towards the Democrat Party and away from good men like Ted Cruz, I liked his “I’m not taking any crap” style.

When Donald Trump won the 2016 GOP primaries, I had four choices. I could throw my support behind Trump and hope that he would follow through with his campaign promises, vote for Hillary Clinton, vote for Evan McMullin who was the third party Establishment plant to derail Trump, or sit it out and pout.

The only realistic choice was to give Trump a chance. Even the primary battle-weary Ted Cruz threw his support behind Donald Trump, much to the displeasure of his NeverTrumper supporters. Many vowed to never vote for Ted again.

I tried to persuade some NeverTrumpers to reroute their misplaced animosity away from The Donald and towards the real enemy of We the People, notably Hillary Clinton. My efforts were in vain.

As the now President Trump has spent his five hundred days in office reversing the unconstitutional policies of Barack Obama, I expected the NeverTrumpers to soften towards this man who is so obviously trying to make America great again. But from all appearances, most of them are as staunch and stubborn in their anti-Trump rhetoric as ever.

It seems as though a good number of the NeverTrump self-proclaimed conservatives are individuals that just can’t admit they were wrong about this president. Hey, it’s not that hard. I was not an original Trump fan. I needed proof from the man himself that he was going to set this country back on its intended constitutional track. And he has delivered. Hopefully, he will continue to do so. I expect that he will.

Admittedly, I have lost my patience with these NeverTrumpers who are so distorted in their thinking that they have joined with the Left in their denunciation of Trump’s Singapore Summit.

Bluntly, they are either crazed in their analysis of Trump’s brilliant strategy, or they are just blatantly dishonest. NeverTrumpers are now using links to far-left publications to make their deceptive points. These so-called principled conservatives are sharing talking points with the Democrats.

NeverTrumpers have lost their way. By dubbing themselves “Never” Trumpers, they will once again be wandering in no man’s
land in 2020. Having vowed to never vote for this president, they will either vote for a radical Democrat, vote for a third party candidate who has no chance at all, or stay home. They will ignore Trump’s pragmatic and conservative record and find phony justification to remain in the NeverTrump camp.

NeverTrumpers are priggish followers of a non-conforming puritanism. They hold no true principles, or they would embrace Trump’s accomplishments. They exist to defy Trump and to get even with the true conservatives who support Trump the leader, not Trump the flawed man. They promise to never support President Trump even if he proves himself.

Lost in political no man’s land, NeverTrumpers have completely lost their way.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more. Will be interested to read your take on the DOJ IG report that came out today.
    Pretty clear the swamp is guilty. All the conservative pundits say that but the 63.5 dollar question remains, what will anyone do about it?
    My fear is all talk, no action and so the swamp continues

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