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The DOJ Inspector General report regarding the corrupt behavior of members of the FBI hierarchy during the 2016 presidential election wasn’t really shocking. Sadly, it was expected. It merely chronicled what most conservatives already knew to be true or at the very least, suspected.

The Swampwaters of the Washington D.C Establishment have indeed seeped into our prestigious and cherished institutions. It should be gut-wrenching to liberty-loving people that our precious most principled federal law enforcement agency has been compromised by criminals. And make no mistake about it. These individuals, who have been tampering with our electoral process, have engaged in anti-American activities. They are self righteous lawbreakers.

Aside from the anti-Trump and pro-Clinton messages in their communications on official FBI devices, the involved agents and attorneys expressed not only their mortification of a Trump presidency but conspired to do something about it. Not only did the now infamous Chief of Counterespionage Strzok assure his mistress, FBI attorney Lisa Page, that Trump would not win the presidency, but he promised, “No. No, he’s not. We’ll stop it.”

One FBI attorney referred to Trump supporters as poor, middle class, uneducated pieces of sh*t who believe Trump will magically grant them jobs for doing nothing. As a side note, keep in mind it is Trump’s opposition, the Democrats, who want as many Americans as possible on welfare and food stamps.

The report revealed texts which verified the FBI agents’ and FBI attorneys’ attempts to influence the election. One attorney, identified in the report as FBI attorney #2, vowed resistance to the Trump administration.

FBI attorney #2 not only described Vice-President Pence as stupid, but he wrote “my god da*ned name is all over the legal documents investigating his staff.” Why would attorney #2 regret having his name on any documents unless he knew that his behavior was illicit and unethical?

As even James Comey himself admitted, his expectations were for a Hillary Clinton win. The agents and attorneys involved in the unlawful activities never thought possible that they would be called to task for their disregard of the electoral process, the rule of law, and the republic. Who would believe that prominent employees of the illustrious FBI would tamper with a presidential election?

These pompous elite members of the world’s esteemed Federal Bureau of Investigation could not ever imagine the day when the investigators would be investigated. They were embedded in the Deep State and believed themselves to not only be above the law but protected by the powerful establishment in which they had become embroiled.

The IG report conveyed only some of the wrongdoing. More information will be released in the near future. Yet, despite, the obvious loyalty to Hillary Clinton of all parties involved in the conspiracy to take down Donald Trump, the Inspector General and present FBI Director Christopher Wray had the audacity to announce that the guilty parties acted without political bias.

In other words, what you simple-minded Americans can see before you is just an illusion. A cat is a dog and two plus two is five.

When our leaders blatantly lie to us about indisputable truths, they are sending us the clear message that they are going to change the narrative to manipulate the outcome of these glaring crimes within the FBI.

Stunningly, Peter Strzok is still employed by the bureau. Lisa Page resigned, but the other players in this drama are going about their daily business.

Meanwhile, former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort is warming a jail cell for unrelated charges to the Mueller Russian investigation. According to Tucker Carlson, the crimes for which Manafort has been accused are comparable to the activities of half of the Washington DC crowd. Yet, Mueller is making an example of Manafort to intimidate Trump’s cohorts and of course, to shape public opinion.

The arrest of Manafort, who has been afforded no bail, is so bizarre that threats of life imprisonment for this man are being bandied about, and the guy has not even been tried for his so-called crimes.

Manafort’s arrest comes one day…just one day after the IG report is released. Yet, the guilty FBI employees walk free.

The Washington Establishment has grossly underestimated the mood of the American people. They still cannot conceive of the reality of Trump’s presidency. They are so far removed from the people who make this country work that they are delusional in their thinking when they believe citizens of this great nation are going to allow them to circumvent justice.

Dear Department of Justice, hear us loud and clear. We the People demand justice for all. We demand the corruption in the FBI be acknowledged and addressed. If you ignore us, it could get very ugly!

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