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Following the Singapore Summit, President Trump was asked his opinion of the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Trump cordially replied that the 34 year old despot was smart, tough, and funny. He added that the two leaders got along well in their unprecedented meeting to discuss denuclearization on the Korean peninsula.

Moments later the fake news media, Democrat strategists, and NeverTrumpers were caught on camera blubbering that Trump actually liked and admired the ruthless tyrant, otherwise known as Little Rocketman. And I’m pretty sure I saw heads exploding over at MSNBC.

But there is good news. We now know what is wrong with our country. We have had full-blown idiots running it for the last three decades and a media which is the nucleus for everything non-traditional, unconstitutional, and anti-American.

We knew the Left had popped their corks, but there is no longer any doubt that they are wandering aimlessly in the wilderness of irrationality. Is there not any end to their insufferable derangement?

Could these bozos from the intellectual twilight zone possibly expect this president to insult Kim Jong Un? Can anyone with just one operational brain neuron find justification to offend this third world tyrant?

What if President Trump had responded to the inquiries of his personal opinion of Un with unflattering remarks? What would be the repercussions if Trump had replied, “He’s a dumbass. His attempts at humor were pathetic and almost unbearable. He’s a horrible little man. I loathe the son-of-a-bitch.”?

Donald Trump the negotiator is trying to sell something to Kim Jong Un. And no, it is not a Trump Hotel. He is trying to persuade the authoritarian lunatic to denuclearize.

Trump is trying to convince Un to make the transition from third world country to an economically stable relevant nation. And anybody with any scintilla of common sense knows that it is imperative for Trump to appeal to the chubby dictator’s ego. Make no doubt about it, Kim Jong Un will never agree to denuclearization unless he believes the world perceives him to be an influential and formidable adversary.

The North Korean autocratic leader craves attention and admiration. Any uncomplimentary utterance that Trump would make regarding Little Rocketman would be the sound bite heard round the world as the fake news media made sure that Kim Jong Un never denuclearized.

President Trump talked to the parents of Otto Warmbier prior to his summit with Un. Although I have not heard it reported, I think it would be sound logic to assume that Trump told these grieving parents that he would be saying and doing things that he preferred not to do. But Trump has a country to secure, and he knows that he has a role that he must play when conferring with a madman.

And thusfar Trump’s strategy is working. North Korea has begun returning the remains of the missing United States vets who served in the Korean War. So much for the naysayers who are whining that the United States is getting nothing from the denuclearization summit.

In the meantime, Trump continues to shock the nation and the world with his unique abilities to outsmart those who consider him a fool. And We the Sane People can sit back and watch the show.

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