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During a panel discussion on MSNBC’s “Megyn Kelley Today”, Jenna Bush Hager, George W. Bush’s daughter, argued for allowing the homeless (aka. the druggies) to hang out in Starbucks. Bush Hager said, “Some of these people don’t have places to go.”

Ah yes, I remember George W. Bush and his “compassionate conservatism” slogan. In truth George W. Bush and his daughter Jenna are clueless as to true compassion. For elites like the Bush family, compassion involves helping the needy as long as someone else suffers the inconveniences for helping them and paying to help them. Since Jenna Bush is concerned about the homeless having someplace to go and therefore has no objection to them hanging out at Starbucks, she is obviously open to any plan which doesn’t include her own personal involvement or aggravation.

From all appearances Bush is enjoying her career at NBC. That would be the same network that dubbed her father George W. as a “liar.” I remember it well. “Bush lied and people died.” Maybe I’m just picky, but I would not be joining ranks with any group of people who made their living off of bashing my dad. And the fake news reporters at NBC were proficient Bush-Bashers.

But that was okay with Jenna. The spotlight at NBC was calling her name, just like it called Chelsea Clinton’s name. I’ll have to give it to the Bush twin though. As compared to the Clinton daughter, Jenna is a pro. Poor Chelsea couldn’t even get her career off the ground.

If the Bush family is really concerned about the whereabouts of the homeless, they could set aside a section of their ranch for the homeless. Or they might even open a non-profit housing development for the needy.

The Bush family always has concern and compassion for the needy, but they just don’t seem to be looking for solutions to the big problems. They are far removed from the problems of everyday Americans, but they are vocal advocates for the illegal immigrants and the street people.

I am a strong proponent of charitable giving and acts of benevolence for the weakest among us. I believe that all humans should be treated humanely and with commiseration. But I believe in helping people through results-oriented programs, not through stupid and worthless gestures.

Allowing scores of homeless filthy people to infiltrate a restaurant, bringing in their germs and dirty needles is completely meritless. The only outcome of such a program will be the eventual bankruptcy of Starbucks. Although, that wouldn’t be so bad.

Perhaps I wouldn’t be so cynical about the Bush family if I saw an effort by the family to get in the trenches…and I don’t mean for photo ops. Laura Bush’s uh-oh moment this week conveyed the sheer hypocrisy which runs through the veins of many in the Bush family.

The former first lady wrote a derogatory commentary in The Washington Post about President Trump’s policy on the border which separated children from their parents. The problem with Laura’s attempted public humiliation of Trump is that it was her husband George W. who signed the bill into law. Ruh-Ro Laura.

Intuition tells me that neither George W. Bush, Laura Bush, or their daughters Jenna and Barbra would be interested in having a cup of coffee or latte sitting beside anyone who has track marks up and down their arms. And if I was a betting woman, I would wager that if they were to be seated next to an obvious drug addict, they would ask to be moved.

But who am I kidding. In reality the Bush family wouldn’t walk into a restaurant that even welcomed anyone who wasn’t of the finest breeding. Elites are like that, you know.

True compassion is not about talk. It is not about donations and silly campaign slogans like “compassionate conservatism.” It is about sacrifice and inconvenience.

Someone needs to tell the Bush family that the neediest Americans aren’t in need of cheerleaders. They need someone holding their hands, feeding them in soup kitchens, and helping them to kick a drug habit.

They need the players, not the damn cheerleaders. Somebody needs to pass that on to the Bush clan.

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