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There was some great news this week that should be reason for celebration among righteous Americans. “The Jerry Springer Show” is officially closing up shop. After 27 seasons spanning three decades, Springer is packing it up.

Billed as a tabloid talk show, “The Jerry Springer Show” was unquestionably a soft porn reality show. Springer’s broadcast has transcended all boundaries of nonconformity and submerged its viewers in the stagnant waters of human pond scum.

Springer, the former mayor of Cincinnati, found a market in the exploitation of human trash. He streamlined indecency. Springer spit upon orthodox social norms and glorified social deviancy by establishing gutter dwelling as commonplace.

I once watched about fifteen minutes of the Springer lowlife exhibition, and within minutes I had confirmed that my dog lived by a higher standard of values than Springer’s guests. And yet, I know educated people who watch the show routinely. This baffles me.

A good friend confided that her husband would turn on “The Springer Menagerie” as soon as he came in from work each day. I was stunned and dumbfounded that this educated, decent family man could find entertainment watching the dregs of society parade their vulgarity and frankly, despicable lives.

I was straight-up appalled and asked my friend why her otherwise fantastic husband would watch the profiteering Springer. Her response was simple. “He thinks it’s funny,” she said.

And to this day, her words have stuck in my mind. “The Jerry Springer Show” is an abomination of the human spirit. There is nothing humorous about the distorted lives of twisted individuals being flaunted before the world. Chairs flying across the stage and audience members flashing their breasts are not amusing.

To the contrary, the people who sought attention or stardom by appearing on the syndicated program of miscreants were pathetic, and the perpetual showcasing of these obviously irreverent people contributed to the manifestation of conventional social deviancy.

Watching “The Jerry Springer Show,” when it first premiered, was akin to attending the carnival. But soon, like everything else that saturates the mainstream populace, the behavior of these social nonconformists became conventionally acceptable.

Springer has contributed to the desensitization of human indecency in society. Programs such as “Your Husband Knocked Me Up,” “Baby Mama Blow Up,” “Hairy Men Turn Me on,” “I Married My xbox,” and “I Had Sex With My F150” have been watched by school children every day. Yet, people ask, “What’s wrong with our kids?” Seriously?

When a social construct glamourizes debauchery, lewdness, and smut, that community will descend into a living hell. And for the love of money, power, and fame the morally bankrupt Jerry Springer literally put the lipstick on the pigs.

Springer led several generations of unsuspecting fools into a mental state where dishonor is glorified and loathsome behavior is dignified. Springer helped fuel the unsubstantial revolution of the undignified reprobates.

Perhaps, the decline and fall of “The Jerry Springer Show” is significant. I can’t help but wonder and hope that the American people are no longer amused by the titillation of incivility, foul language, screaming threats, and the sight of a three hundred pound woman trotting out her boobs for display.

Am I naïve to believe that Americans are beginning to aspire for a higher meaning to life? Are we returning or at least trying to return to the period of time when morality was the expectation rather than the exception?

I sense a turning upon us. I feel a change in the mood of the majority of the American people. They are no longer apathetic about what they see, hear, and smell. They want a return to godliness and a rejection of the godforsaken.

I can feel it in my bones. We are beginning to put the lid back on the trash can. And Jerry Springer knows it.

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