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When the United States Supreme Court ruled against mandatory union fees for state government workers, I was literally jubilant. Since the first moment I was approached by teachers’ unions representatives thirty years ago, I have been adamant that not a penny of my money would be used to support these irresponsible, unethical, worthless, child-endangering, political animals.

The majority of my peers, even conservative teachers, have belonged to a teachers’ union. For most, the union was an insurance policy which would provide the needed resources if they were accused of wrongdoing on the job. And considering that teachers are on the firing line daily in a world of morally decrepit children from shattered homes, affiliation with a union offers at least the appearance of a “We’ve got your back” peace of mind.

In a culture where truth no longer matters, just one child’s retaliatory utterance of impropriety by a teacher casts that teacher into professional purgatory. He or she can never fully recover from accusations which are unwarranted.

Teachers don’t join teachers unions for political purposes. They are simply covering their butts in a world gone mad. As a conservative, I would venture to say that while teachers are believed to be predominantly democrat, most teachers are apolitical in terms of political activism.

I was fortunate in that membership in the local chapters of the National Education Association in West Virginia has been optional. I can credit the local union representatives for their considerate and respectful approach to new membership. Other than their occasional presence in the teachers’ lounge with a few pizzas as a tool for recruiting, they were not guilty of badgering teachers.

But with that said, I must condemn them for their subtle and not-so-subtle democrat advocacy in the school setting. Throughout my entire teaching career, the teachers’ unions never plied me with campaign materials for a Republican candidate. Not one time. To the contrary, prior to each election, my school mailbox was crammed full of fliers and gadgets promoting democrat candidates, courtesy of teachers’ dues to the local teachers’ union.

I was determined that should the system change to a mandated union membership, I would challenge the order in court. Demanding money from individuals for a political undertaking that mocks their personal convictions shows contempt for the United States Constitution.

In recent years the National Education Association has transformed from a left-leaning political organization to a radical far-left machine. The group makes huge donations to Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics.

In 2009 the NEA rejected a proposal to remain neutral on the issue of abortion. In 2012 the organization made resolutions which clearly supported widely accessible abortion and taxpayer-funded abortion.

In reference to the NEA’s supposed attention to teacher concerns and the future of education, I always found it odd that they were so preoccupied with the “aborting” of the clientele of their members. After all, a decline in the birth rate indirectly results in the decline of teacher employment.

Put aside the moral controversy of abortion, and ask yourself, “Why would teachers support any policy which would restrict the need for members of their profession?” In effect, the NEA uses the teachers’ dues to advocate for the reduction in the number of children attending school.

That fact alone would classify the paying members of the teachers’ unions as Vladmir Lenin’s “useful idiots.” They unwittingly offer financial support to those who work against their own interest.

The NEA is the largest labor union and professional interest group in the United States. Yet, the teachers who support this organization continue to make salaries which scrape the bottom of the professional barrel.

Despite the financial power commanded by the NEA, teachers have not enjoyed a salary comparable to their college graduate peers. The union has unquestionably invested its efforts into cultural and politically correct matters rather than into the educational issues that directly effect the teachers’ work environment or the betterment of the educational process.

My question for teachers: “Exactly what actions have the teachers’ unions taken to ensure your safety in the workplace? Where have the unions been while discipline in the schools has evaporated? Have your union representatives demanded that all teachers be “allowed” to teach, free from the aggressive advances of irate parents, uncontrollable children, and overzealous administrators?” The answers: None, nowhere, and no, respectively.

Last week the National Education Association awarded Colin Kaepernick the NEA human and civil rights award. The man, who disrespected the men and women who have given their lives so that Americans can live free, was honored by teachers. Make no mistake about it, without the dues of the teachers, the NEA crumbles.

In the meantime, conservative teachers, who continue to keep the teachers’ unions afloat with their membership fees, should reconsider sponsoring this political organization that works against the teachers and America.

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