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Last night on “The Ingraham Angle”, Laura said that Louie Ghomert should not have commented on Peter Strzok’s illicit affair with his FBI colleague Lisa Page. Sorry, Laura, but you are dead wrong.

Ghomert should be applauded for his willingness to cut to the chase and call Strzok out for his dishonesty. Louie knew that he would be condemned by many for his remarks. But he dared to speak the truth.

Strzok repeatedly lied under oath, and he did so with righteous indignation. The man who holds contempt for millions of Trump supporting Americans, calling them hillbillies and alleging that they “smell,” held his head high with regal form and arrogantly denied the truth and the evidence.

Strzok’s fraudulent testimony was a clown show as the democrats stuck to their script to interrupt and deprecate the proceedings. Both Strzok and the socialists of the Democrat Party made a mockery of the truth.

Louie Ghomert was tired of the dance. He lost his patience with this man who had used his official position within the FBI to influence the outcome of a presidential election.

Ghomert, like the other frustrated Republicans in the room, were hamstrung by the obstruction of justice that was blatantly and haughtily becoming the focus of the hearing. And he was willing to take his interrogation knife and cut Strzok to the bone.

Someone had to bring the attention back to Strzok’s deceptive character. Strzok was incensed that he was being held accountable for his unprofessional and criminal behavior.

His stonewalling and lying had highlighted his acrimonious testimony. He had the audacity to display his annoyance
for the entire process, obviously resentful that anyone would question his activities or his integrity.

And Ghomert did exactly what needed to be done. He looked into the smirking face of the sanctimonious Strzok and with a swift stroke of the interrogative scalpel, he cut the smug expression right off of his face. He called Strzok out for his worktime affair with Lisa Page.

It was apparent Strzok didn’t see it coming. And it was a beautiful sight. The man, who had spent both the morning and afternoon bulldozing his way through a congressional hearing, hit the wall that wouldn’t move.

The man, who had protected Hillary Clinton and tried to derail the election and presidency of Donald Trump, was speechless.
Every single conservative, those in public and private life, need to take a lesson from Louie Ghomert. You cannot beat these people by following rules of etiquette.

In fact, etiquette be damned! If you want to beat the lying, god forsaken democrat sons-of-bitches, you take out the gloves and you pummel them to a pulp, figuratively speaking.

It’s the only way to win! Bravo, Louie, Bravo!

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  1. Judy, It didn’t bother me when Louie spoke the truth to Strzok about his cheating on his wife. It seems like the truth bothers people more tha lies. Penny

    P.S. Some people can just write so expressively. Great Job! I’m proud of you and your writing abilities.

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