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Speaking in Pittsburgh to the American Federation of Teachers, Hillary Rotten Clinton accused President Trump and his administration of trying to “rip the heart out of America.” Oh my, don’t you love the drama?

What organization with any integrity at all would allow the acrimonious, diabolical, and unhallowed battle-ax, a two-time presidential loser, inside their doors? But then again, the teachers’ unions are a breeding ground for the irreverent, so Clinton would surely have felt right at home.

Actually, Clinton’s obsessive/compulsive campaign to claim her self-perceived rightful place in the Oval Office is the gift that keeps on giving. Having a nut like the maniacal Clinton traveling the globe and sharing her sour grapes with like-minded globalists, is a win/win for the pro-America movement.

Clinton moans that she got the popular vote. She wails that the Electoral College is unfair. She bellyaches that the Russians manipulated the election. She is completely driven by her obsession with the United States Presidency.

I usually ignore Hillary’s delusional accusations, but alleging that President Trump is “ripping the heart out of America,” is one allegation that I must address.

The Left in America, aka. the democrats/socialists/Marxists/communists/fake news media, have advanced the phony narrative that Donald Trump’s presidency has divided the nation. It is Trump’s nastiness, they allege, which has brought forth the incivility which reaches across the American landscape.

In reality, the first incision into the chest cavity of this great republic came during the Clinton administration with the co-presidency of Bill and Hillary. “Two for the price of one” was Bill’s campaign promise as he and his power-hungry wife prepared America for the Clinton Dynasty.

George W. Bush didn’t even attempt to stop the hemorrhaging of the chest wound which began showing signs of infection. He neglected our national health and focused his energies on being dignified and presidential. Bush was too sanctimonious to call out the knife-wielding Clintons and their following of political thugs, nor did he appear to even care.

But it was the Marxist ideologue, Barack Obama, that put the nation on life support. Obama wasn’t just interested in ripping the heart from the country. He wanted to perform a heart transplant. He wanted to remove the constitutional heartbeat and replace it with the pulse of a communist global regime.

Barack Obama promoted tribalism, racism, and identity politics. Obama “deliberately” created conflict and infighting as he purposely fomented proletariat rebellion and class division.

Obama was the quarterback for an unprecedented game plan to destroy American sovereignty. It was Obama who led the offensive on class and racial warfare. And he did so, because he hated America.

Indeed, it was Donald J. Trump that brought the sutures and began the long tedious process of stitching the near-fatal wound that the Clintons had initiated and that George W. Bush had let fester. In what can only be attributed to Divine Intervention, Barack Obama’s agenda was suspended.

The social turmoil, civil unrest, and lack of civility in the national political discourse is relevant to the Trump presidency only in respect to the Left’s reaction to their political disadvantage. The democrats are bitter, resentful, and vile opponents to anyone who obstructs their march towards global communism.

It is the democrats who would prefer to have the heart ripped from the country than to accept their losses at the ballot box. For eight long years conservatives suffered through the Obama presidency. Gritting our teeth, we watched patiently as the first openly Marxist president began dismantling American tradition and the rule of law.

We did not riot in the streets. We did not get violent. We rallied to express our disapproval with the campaign to destroy America. But conservatives drew the line where peaceful protest ended and violent rebellion started.

Conservatives abided by the law and followed the process as outlined by our Founders in the United States Constitution. We were frustrated, but we were patient. We worked through the political system, not outside the confines of civility.

But liberal animals are a different breed of individuals. They don’t play by the rules. They don’t lose graciously. And they never concede to a loss. If they lose, they just take what they want, and they take it any way they can.

Political discourse in America has become a battleground as the Left and the Right fight for the soul of America. We realize that we no longer stand on common ground. There can be no compromise.

Specifically, the Left no longer wants an America. They want a different country with a different people located on the land where America now stands.

The Democrats are now an invasive force who want to possess the infrastructure of what is now The United States of America. They want the conservatives, who don’t support this agenda, to go away. And if given the chance, they will preside over the greatest Houdini disappearing act of conservatism in the land of a lost America.

Democrats are shell shocked. They are coming to the realization that unlike their constituency, republicans actually love America, and when push comes to shove, they will fight for the soul of America.

It is a phenomenon the democrats don’t understand, nor did they anticipate. And it is a battle that they will lose.

The soul of America was ordained by God, and to the God-fearing people the soul will remain.

And for that reason the ungodly democrats will incontrovertibly surrender.

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