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Today Fox News Shephard Smith expressed his indignation about a Fake News CNN reporter being uninvited to a Rose Garden event. Smith defended the Fake News media with his own rendition of the American media.

Smith said that journalists are enshrined in the Constitution. GIVE ME A FREAKIN’ BREAK! Most journalists don’t even understand the Constitution much less glory in it’s content.

I find it nauseating that someone like Smith would dare to present such a flattering case for the men and women who write the truth according to their own political agenda.

Calling journalism the cornerstone of the republic, Smith stated “We work to discern what is truth, then to present it to you in context and with perspective.”

That’s the problem, Sheppy Boy. WE THE PEOPLE DON’T NEED YOU TO “PRESENT IT TO US IN CONTEXT AND WITH PERSPECTIVE.” We aren’t as stupid as you elites have been conditioned to believe.

We the People want the TRUTH straight up. We don’t want your opinion and version of the truth. We don’t need your analysis. We don’t want your perspective.

We the People are capable of recognizing bullsh*t when we see it and read it, and we are sick and tired of dodging media made cow patties while we try to get the news….not your version of the news…but the factual news without your drama and perverted frame of reference.
Smith says the media reports are checked and rechecked and approved at management levels of the networks. Oh yeah, right. Kinda like Dan Rather’s little fake news report about George W Bush was approved at the management level of CBS. I guess you thought us dummies forgot about that.

In truth, I find very little to be more disgusting than a journalist. They are high falutin’ fame-seeking agents of propaganda who are more interested in seeing the collapse of the republic than “enshrouding themselves in the Constitution.”

The American media has stooped to such low levels that they don’t even understand the concept of a “free press.” A free press does not guarantee a phony journalist the privilege of distorting the facts.

Media bias is the inversion of a free press. Restricting conservative commentary while glorifying left-wing radicals is the antithesis of a free press.

Omitting the details of a story so as to persuade public opinion is a disenfranchisement of the public trust. Refusing to run stories which lend credence to the political opposition is dishonorable.

And finally, after decades of subtle journalistic malpractice, the majority of the American people are beginning to understand how devious and disgusting you insidious journalists have become.

So, get off your high horse, Shephard Smith. You are as much a part of the fake news media as is Rachel Maddow or Brian Stelter. You may be hiding behind the skirts of Fox News, but we see you for who you are and what you do.

Fake News journalists Lie, Lie, Lie. And they are complicit with the left-wing radicals as they try to take down America!
They are indeed, the ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE!

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  1. Well, we’ll. Finally someone other than me that sees Shep Smith for what he really is. He pretends to be a “journalist” but is nothing more than another Trump hating liberal hack.
    Americans are smart enough to think for themselves and given all the good Trump has done in the last 21 months, I predict republicans will win again in November. While I and many other Americans may not like Trumps personal demeanor, at least he is not a crooked, self serving member of the deep state elite. We get it!

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