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John McCain’s intense hostility for Donald Trump is believed by many to be a result of Trump’s insult to McCain in which Trump alleged that heroes are not captured. In other words, Trump was insinuating that McCain’s purported heroism was invalid, because McCain was a POW.

But it is my opinion that McCain’s extreme and extraordinary contempt for the man Donald Trump was a complicated amalgamation of Trump’s insults and his audacity to believe that he could challenge the Establishment.

John McCain was an ideological chameleon. He was a sophisticated politician, and despite his Republican status, he was comfortable fraternizing with the far left politicians.

Like Ted Kennedy, John McCain was a gatekeeper of the Washington Establishment, and he was the overseer for the new-to-Washington GOP senators. Those Republicans who were fortunate enough to sit in the Senate Chambers had to satisfy and please McCain if they wanted to remain there.
McCain executed the litmus tests which gave these senators their legitimacy. I have always maintained that it was McCain and Lindsay Graham who pressured Marco Rubio to join the Gang of Eight and Washington Establishment.

Rubio, the bright, young, and very conservative new senator held great promise. He was young, handsome, and wickedly smart. He was the perfect target for the RINOS. And he was a must win for the powers-that-be in the United States Senate.

McCain recognized that Rubio was a threat to the Establishment status quo, and he knew that Rubio must be harnessed. Whether it was through flattery, bribery, or good old fashioned blackmail, McCain and his tribe of phony conservative Republicans converted Rubio into damaged goods.
Some day, if he doesn’t already know, Marco Rubio will realize that his political career was sabotaged by John McCain and the Establishment. But that’s a story for a different day.

Let us not forget McCain’s treatment of Ted Cruz when he challenged the Congressional corruption. McCain called Cruz a “wacko bird” and immediately denounced Cruz.

If you were a Republican in Washington, you were either with McCain or on your way out and a political pariah.

It is my contention that John McCain’s loathing for Trump was primarily motivated by Donald Trump’s ability to secure the GOP presidential nomination without the approval of McCain and the Establishment. Trump’s command of the Republican base was not only annoying to McCain, but it was infuriating.

Donald Trump bypassed John McCain and his band of GOP henchman and did the unthinkable. He won the Republican nomination and presidency despite McCain’s endorsement and more importantly, despite his authorization.

And McCain’s self-imposed power and self aggrandizement was so profound that he spent his dying days trying to avenge the man who exposed him as a traitor instead of the mythical hero.

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