A protester holds a poster burning on which is depicted former US president George W. Bush taking off a mask of current President Barack Obama during a demonstration of supporters of Syrian regime near the US embassy, east of Beirut against a possible US military strike on Syria on September 7, 2013. US President is pressing Congress to approve military action against the Syrian regime in response to an alleged August 21 attack with chemical weapons. AFP PHOTO / ANWAR AMRO (Photo credit should read ANWAR AMRO/AFP/Getty Images)

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The pairing of George W. Bush and Barack Obama to give the eulogy of John McCain was disappointing but crucial for the nation to witness. Many things have been made regrettably clear during the past two years as both Bush and Obama have joined forces to condemn President Trump.

During Obama’s presidency, Obama routinely criticized George W. Bush, blaming Bush for everything, including the rise in the price of a cup of tea in China. And Republicans were outraged that not only were Obama’s remarks untrue, but that George W. Bush failed to defend himself and the Republicans he represented from the onslaught of false allegations.

While some Republicans excused Bush’s silence as a sign of his integrity, they ignored or disregarded his duty as the leader of the GOP to protect the image of the party.

Bush was “supposedly” opposed to interfering in the presidency of another president, even if that president was attacking the United States Constitution and the traditions that Americans hold dear.

But fast forward to 2017 and the inauguration of Donald J. Trump, and suddenly George W. had no misgivings about slapping down the president that Republican voters put into office. These were the same voters who not only put both Bushes into the Oval Office but continued to defend George W. when he was under constant assault from the mainstream media during his administration.

He notably held no loyalty to his devoted constituents. He was a progressive in conservative clothing.

After Bush left office, it became abundantly clear that the man who ran for the presidency as a Ronald Reagan conservative was nothing more than a garden variety charlatan globalist.

Conservatives gasped as they soon realized that George W. Bush was not only schmoozing with Bill and Hillary Clinton at cocktail parties but referring to them in familial terms. Republicans were stunned when Bush said in an interview that Bill Clinton was “his brother by another mother” and Hillary Clinton was “like a sister-in-law.”

How does a man, who has been held to the highest levels of probity, ignore the corruption of the Clintons, particularly Bill’s alleged pedophilia dalliances?

But it only got worse as the Bushes began to attend social events with the Obamas, and it really got bizarre when the media began releasing pictures and reports that Michelle Obama and Bush had become close friends. I mean like, WHAT THE HECK!

Chew on that for a few minutes. Barack Obama’s ridicule of Bush and his presidency was unprecedented. And Bush was perfectly fine with Obama’s mockery. He was so unbothered by Obama’s caricature of him as a buffoon that he embraced the Obama’s in friendship, especially Michelle.

The only reasonable explanation for Bush’s apathy towards Obama’s blame game would be that Bush understood the game. He didn’t care, because he and Obama were two sides of the same coin.

Loyal Republicans have denied George W. Bush’s affinity for the Left. They have denied his alignment with the Establishment. Sometimes the truth hurts.

After McCain’s funeral, there is no doubt. George W. Bush is one of them. And you know who “them” is.

Like it or not, he is not a friend to We the People.

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