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Allie Beth Stuckey, who brands herself as a conservative millennial, tweeted: “Lots of hate towards McCain’s funeral today. Here’s the thing: your opinion about a funeral to which you weren’t invited doesn’t matter. Neither does mine. The service honored an American hero, and his family said what they wanted to say. Good for them.”

First of all, I would like to thank Stuckey for her candid tweet as it streamlined my ability to delete conservative thinkers who are not thoughtful. Perhaps, Allie Beth should rethink her superficial, self righteous opinion, and immature tweet.

I want to very carefully spell this out for young Stuckey, 1) How about let’s drop the accusations of “hatred towards McCain’s funeral.” Vehement disapproval and condemnation is not synonymous with hatred. I am extremely disillusioned with a man who lied to and used the conservative voters to promote a liberal agenda. But I don’t condemn McCain’s soul to hell.

Now here’s the “real” thing: 2) My opinion about a funeral to which I wasn’t invited DOES matter. You see, Allie, I wasn’t invited to attend the service, but I was most certainly invited to “watch” the service. In fact, my face would have been rubbed in the funeral festivities for days had I been a willing victim to the orchestrated performances. I chose to turn down the invitation to the television viewing. Unfortunately, it has been impossible to avoid some of the coverage, unless of course, I wanted to abstain from all news. Thank heavens for my faster-than-greased-lightning remote.

3) It has been made patently clear by the McCain family that they prefer the elitism as offered by the families of George W. Bush and Barack Obama to the regular folk to whom John McCain pandered for decades, asking for donations and votes. All the while he was playing for the other team. Can you say McCain/Feingold?

4) Yes, the family does have the right to say what they want to say at their loved one’s funeral. That issue has never been called into question. But the spectacle that they created AS INTENDED was meant as a finger in the eye of not only President Trump but for every deplorable Trump supporter who made an attempt to pay their respects to McCain by watching the funeral.

Yet, Stuckey says, “Good for them.” Why Allie Beth, you are so sweet.

It takes a mature person to differentiate the connotation of hatred and consternation. Being appalled at the conduct of those at a funeral is a normal reaction when the participants of the ceremony transpose their sadness into well-dressed bitterness.

Being highly critical of former presidents bashing a sitting president during a funeral service IS THE BUSINESS OF WE THE PEOPLE. It is a big freakin’ deal!

The mainstream media and even Fox News created a week long spectacle by using the death of Senator McCain to bash the first president since Ronald Reagan who actually gave a damn about America’s forgotten men and women.

And yet, Stuckey not only finds the calculated political drama to be justifiable, but she says “Good for them.”

But Allie Beth need not worry. Wisdom comes with age rather than ambition and the desire for a following. Recognizing when you’ve been shot before the blood oozes is a learned talent. Stuckey obviously needs more schooling.

My advice to Allie Beth Stuckey: You may want to focus on “growing up” instead of “sucking up.”

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