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I watched a brief clip of video of John McCain yesterday as he was answering a reporter’s questions. The female reporter was polite and respectful. The clip was just 2-3 minutes, and I wasn’t paying much attention to the questions, because I was fascinated by McCain’s nastiness.

Within this very short time period McCain rudely and hatefully responded to the “woman” with intense profanity. He used the “f” word probably a dozen times in addition to various other obscenities. “Bulls**t” comes to mind as one of the other invectives.

I already knew McCain had a nasty and disgusting temperament from various videos I have seen in the past. It was no secret in Washington and among the media elite that John McCain was crude and had a horrible temper. In fact, the issue arose on several occasions during his 2008 campaign for the presidency.

But when I was watching this specific video yesterday, it struck me how McCain used this profanity with a woman and received media protection. Yet, McCain and the Establishment have consistently crucified Donald Trump for his vulgarity in private settings, such as gym locker rooms.

Throughout his campaign and his presidency, the Swamp in conjunction with the media have held President Trump to a different set of standards than was demanded for the Establishment.

Trump has been routinely criticized and castigated for the same offenses that the Congressional lawmakers and Beltway elites customarily commit.

Unlike the charlatans within the halls of Congress, President Trump publicly admits to his unprecedented candor. While the lawmakers pretend to be offended by Trump’s bold and sometimes objectionable rhetoric, they do so with deception as they are willful consumers and solicitors of licentiousness.

So, when Trump brazenly calls a reporter out for fake news, uses mild profanity at a campaign rally, or insults an interloper who has nefarious motives, don’t fall for the media’s narrative of shock. They are all too familiar with gross and lewd misconduct from the Establishment hypocrites.

The establishment gives a public image which is antithetical to their private selves. They operate in the darkness.

And Donald Trump let’s everyone see who he is in the light of day. For all of his shortcomings, Trump does not pretend to be someone he isn’t.

As Popeye would say, “I Yam what I yam.” And so it goes with Donald Trump

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