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For the last three decades, conservative republicans have watched the incredulous transformation of their party as the GOP Washington leadership abandoned them and caved to the democrats’ agenda. Or so it seemed.

It appeared to the republican base, the traditional and constitutionally-driven grassroots voters, that their elected officials were being bullied or blackmailed by the evil democrat party thugs. Again, or so it seemed.

In reality, something was occurring in Washington D.C. which was insider knowledge but far from the understanding of the average American, who had long ago handed over their country to the Washington Establishment. Assuming that your leaders are acting in your best interest is much easier and less time consuming than the efforts that it takes to hold them accountable.

According to even the most well-intended conservatives, “Who has time for that?” I know this, because I have spent my adult life trying to alert the masses to the Marxist shenanigans emanating from the Swamp. And when I have tried to encourage my most conservative friends to become more involved in the patriot movement, nine times out of ten the response was always the same: “I am too busy working and taking care of my family,” or “I am too busy living my life.” I didn’t say it, but I was thinking, “Oh yeah, well so am I. But I do both.”

But even as observant as I believed myself to be, I underestimated the sheer scope of the corruption. I also let my own party off the hook in some cases. Don’t misunderstand. The only way out of this national mess is to cling to the conservative republican leadership.

Nevertheless, republicans make a grave error when they fail to differentiate between the conservative republicans and the RINOS (republicans in name only.) All republicans are not the same. Many are counterfeit.

It has been these spurious republicans who have melded with the Democrat Party which became infiltrated with far left ideologues as far back as the sixties and even earlier. Some republicans, such as John McCain, were actually conservative in their philosophy, but as time passed they became duplicates of their democrat peers.

Progressive billionaires began bankrolling liberal progressives as republican candidates. And these candidates won elections and served as republican lawmakers. To assume that the progressives infiltrated the Republican Party would be accurate.

Take Jeff Flake for example. They Arizona senator was backed by the Tea Party. Yet, immediately upon winning his seat, he turned on the Tea Party and joined the progressive John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

McCain and Graham gave the impression of fighting the good fight for awhile before joining with the dark side. But oh no, not Jeff Flake. Flake was always to the left and used the Tea Party to advance the George Soros backed agenda by pretending to be one of them.

And then there was House Speaker Paul Ryan. Ryan was dubbed one of the young guns who came to Washington to avenge the conservatives republicans in middle America who were disappointed in their party.

The so-called brilliant Congressman was chosen by Mitt Romney as Romney’s vice presidential 2012 running mate. What does the now questionably brilliant Ryan do when debating the braindead Uncle Joe Biden? He freezes like a deer in the headlights. He bumbles around like a fat fool trying to ask a model out on a date.

Was Ryan’s pathetic showing intentional? There is definitely reasonable cause for a thinking man or woman to wonder. Not to mention Mitt Romney’s pathetic debate appearance against a sitting president who had a closet full of unconstitutional activities, sealed records, and unaccounted for campaign donations.

Are we to assume that Ryan and Romney are just idiots? Or were they sympathetic with the democrat agenda?

The Republican Party was penetrated by the Left through conversion and infiltration. The Marxists could not complete their mission of transforming America, as Barack Obama promised, without at least some cooperation from heavy-weight republican lawmakers who were complicit in the betrayal of the American people.

And they found plenty of it. George W. Bush was declared as a conservative candidate. But he disregarded his conservative base as he displayed his moderate preference to governing.

Bush was so concerned with his personal integrity that he let his party flounder as he took no responsibility as the party leader. If we could blame one person for the election of Barack Obama, George W. Bush would be that individual.

Bush weakened the party and the conservative message. And since he has left office, he has left the trail of political breadcrumbs to his real home among the progressives. It is no coincidence that he is buddies with the Clintons and Obamas. Ideologically, they are home sweet home.

President Trump’s presidency has revealed much about the Washington Establishment that the media obscured. The hatred directed at Trump from both the democrats and republicans should not be surprising.

These lawmakers from both sides of the aisle were and are on the same page. They were and are one. Their differences were inconsequential, because in the halls of Congress, where it really mattered, they came together.

While the Democrat Party has been completely rechanneled into a radical and communist movement, the Republican Party is struggling within to purge the imposters and lift up the conservatives. The Republican Party is the only hope for the nation.

Now is the time to evict these grifters and retake the Grand Old Party.

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