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Ruth Bader Ginsburg awakened from a nap this week to express her embarrassment over the confirmation hearings of Brett Kavanaugh. Ginsburg condemned the hearings as a “highly partisan show.”

And she reminded us that during her confirmation hearings, only three senators would not give her a stamp of approval, despite the fact that she had a highly controversial, far-left history of adjudication.

R.B.G. spent ten years with the radical American Civil Liberties Union, litigating cases with a perverted consideration for the United States Constitution. She does not conceal her disregard for the Constitution as the law of the land.

Ginsburg has argued cases with respect to “universal law” rather than American law. She is a globalist, and her decisions have reflected her political ideology, not constitutional law.

Ginsburg’s mere presence on the Supreme Court represents a much more significant issue than the bipartisan nature of her confirmation hearings. It substantiates the actual lack of representation that conservatives had in Congress as early as 1993.

What Ginsburg calls bipartisanship, I call negligence on the part of the republican senators. Ginsburg was without argument the most transparent and self-admitted progressive nomination to the Supreme Court, and yet republican lawmakers confirmed her appointment without any pushback.

If the republicans could not find enough reason to vote against Ginsburg, it goes without saying that they would vote for anyone whom Bill Clinton nominated. If an ideologically-driven Supreme Court justice didn’t alarm the republican senators, they were open to anti-constitutional law.

Even after the democrats ruthlessly and unfairly trashed Robert Bork, republican lawmakers were ready to forgive and forget with their “Let’s all get along” affirmation of Ginsburg.

Bork, who was Ronald Reagan’s appointment, was an originalism advocate who did nothing more than remind the courts that it was their job to adjudicate rather than to “legislate from the bench.” He believed in the original understanding of the United States Constitution.

As Bork so eloquently stated, “The truth is that the judge who looks outside the Constitution, always looks inside himself and nowhere else.”

And only five years after the democrats not only refused to confirm Robert Bork, but politically disemboweled and humiliated him, the weakling republicans voted to confirm Ruth Bader Ginsburg who was the epitome of Bork’s warning against judge’s who made their decisions on personal theory.

Robert Bork was so dehumanized by the democrats in his confirmation hearings that his name became the slogan for the defamation of Supreme Court nominees. Infamously, Robert Bork was “borked.”

Let’s be honest, R.B.G doesn’t give a fig about the unceremonious partisanship of the democrats during the Kavanaugh hearing. Her concerns are a self-centered personal interest.

This woman, who cannot stay awake during senate hearings or presidential speeches, is so arrogant and so impressed with her own appearance on the Supreme Court that she refuses to retire, despite her obvious incompetency and inability to do her job.

R.B.G. does not like mud slung onto “her” court by the unsophisticated performers, even if they are democrats. Despite her state of lethargy, she likes to consider the court on which she presides to be above such tawdry displays. It’s a personal thing for Ginsburg.

So, let’s please not lionize the words of this woman who sits on the United States Supreme Court because of weak and politically castrated republicans. Her appearance this week should only remind us of two things.

One, she is a radical globalist who has contributed to the destruction of the United States with her adherence to universal law rather than the United States Constitution. And two, the republicans who voted for her confirmation were as spineless as gummy worms.

In a nutshell, Ruth Bader Ginsburg should have been “borked.”

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