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CLARENCE THOMAS IS A NATIONAL TREASURE……….In 1991 I was transfixed as I watched Clarence Thomas’ confirmation hearing as Supreme Court Justice of the United States. I was impressed with this man of brilliance and integrity in both his personal and public lives.

So, when Anita Hill came forward with her allegations of Thomas’ sexually inappropriate comments, I was shocked. I wasn’t disappointed in Thomas. I was appalled at this woman who was clearly a political obstacle in the confirmation process.

Not only was her story riddled with holes, but her behavior following the said allegations contradicted her claims of sexual victimization.

Anita Hill followed Clarence Thomas from job to job, despite her claims of his harassment. After she quit working for Thomas, she made numerous phone calls to her alleged offender.

Hill admitted under oath that she had actually lied five times in her original story. A witness whose testimony was intended to corroborate Hill’s allegations, had moved out of Washington D.C. when Hill claimed that she had gone to her home in Washington to share her concerns about Thomas.

Dozens of women who had worked for Clarence Thomas came forward as character witnesses and refuted Hill’s claims.

Anyone with half a brain and just an ounce of objectivity knew that Anita Hill was a phony victim.

Can you imagine the delirium on the Left had Thomas been a progressive black man? Screams of racism would have collapsed the airwaves. Al Sharpton would have gone on a hunger strike. Jesse Jackson would have extorted more corporate money for his Rainbow Push Coalition.

But there was only silence from the Congressional black leaders and their constituents, because Clarence Thomas was a conservative black man.

Clarence Thomas was the manifestation of the new phony racism which had replaced the legitimate institution of racism. The exhibition of this black man and his inspiring story of conquering his challenges in life through the application of conservative principles and traditions was and still is a threat to the democrats who have actually kept the black man in cultural, social, and economic chains.

In the midst of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing, we are beginning to hear voices from the left refer back to Clarence Thomas and the decades-old allegations and the circus that followed.

While, the liberals are whining about Colin Kaepernick being a victim of racism, the real victim of racism is having to relive the horrible accusations that were made against him during the time in his life when he had soared above men of all colors.

Clarence Thomas is a national treasure who suffered greatly because of the lies from the left. He has been in Brett Kavanaugh’s shoes. He knows what the Left is capable of doing.

And today I am ever so thankful that despite the lies from the opportunistic Anita Hill and by the Grace of God, Clarence Thomas has been a voice of reason, conservatism, and wisdom when others have forsaken the United States Constitution.

Thank the Lord for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, a real man among the ordinary.

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