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Conservative commentators are quick to dance to the democrats’ tune that Christine Blakely Ford needs to be heard. Not one of them has the backbone to state what we all know to be evident. Ford is lying.

She is making a mockery of what should be a serious issue. Women have been victims of sexual crimes for centuries, and Ford is desensitizing genuine sexual offenses by crying wolf.

It is an insult to our collective conservative intelligence to expect us to believe that Ford could be telling the truth. She isn’t, and we only need look at the facts, the timing, the democrat history of disrupting a Supreme Court Justice confirmation hearing, the complete lack of objectivity on the part of the media and democrats, and the distortion of the legal process.

Every single time I hear conservatives tiptoe around this wagonload of Bu**s**t that Ford has deposited in the senate chambers, I want to call them out for their cowardice.

The republicans are so concerned that the democrats will accuse them of being insensitive to women that they are allowing the Left to direct the narrative, again.

The democrats dismissed reason and embraced irrational thinking years ago. They discard evidence and the rule of law.

And now we have republicans, who know better, soft-pedaling around Ford’s indisputable deception. Even Tucker Carlson, whom I really admire, has insisted that we must listen to Ford as he hears she’s a nice person.

Sorry, Tucker, but any woman who would ruin a man’s life with such a pathetic phony allegation of sexual abuse, is not a nice person. She’s a loser.

When GOP lawmakers and conservative media “pretend” to believe we should waste taxpayer dollars and valuable time pampering this disgusting woman, they offend me.

In essence they are asking the conservative base to be patient with the politically correct agenda of illogical thinking. They are asking those Americans who still have their wits about them to drink the same poisonous water that the democrats drank.

They want us to abandon our reason and ignore Ford’s overwhelming absence of evidence and credibility.

There is not one single shred of evidence to substantiate anything that she has alleged. And We the People are asked to postpone Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation so that this woman can continue to play the system and buy political time intended to keep Kavanaugh off of the Court.

When does it end? Will every woman who accuses a republican, pro-life nomination for the SCOTUS be pronounced to be a courageous victim? Are all conservative men to be considered guilty if charged by far-left women.

The very notion that Ford is being granted such understanding from conservatives should frighten all republicans. It is another step towards all republicans being denied due process if accused by a leftie on a political mission.

The democrats are creating anarchy in our courts and throughout our nation. Everything they touch becomes toxic. And they will eventually poison us all.

In regards to the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, James Woods said that the democrats are savages and the republicans are pus**es.
I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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