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We are only weeks away from inarguably the most significant midterm election of our lifetime. Our national survival is on the line. And our legal system is in total meltdown.

Things can’t get much worse, unless of course, the democrats win the House or God forbid, the House and Senate. And if that happens, I think it would be accurate to say that anything goes. Tensions are so high, and the democrats are so unhinged that political assassinations are high on the list of possibilities.

Even if the republicans manage to defy the massive democrat fraud, which is in the making for the midterms, and they maintain the status quo, all hell will rain down. If you can’t comprehend the seriousness of the political environment in terms of the national anarchy that the democrats are intentionally creating, you need to cut back on your anti-depressants and face reality.

There comes a point when denial and ostrich-mimicking behaviors are ineffective in terms of avoiding emotional stress. Quadrupling the doses of Prozac will not suffice in calming the anxieties of the coming months and years.

Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, referencing the unsubstantiated allegations of Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blakey Ford, stated, “I believe Dr. Blasey Ford, because she is telling the truth.” With no muss or fuss, a sitting senator throws due process out the door.

Gillibrand and her fellow lawless democrats are already warning that if Kavanaugh is confirmed, they will impeach him for his sexual offenses. Just like that! The democrats are forging ahead with what will undoubtedly lead to a violent “uncivil” war.

Law-abiding folks are irrelevant to the democrats. Lest I remind you of their disregard for illegal immigration, their threats to President Trump, their calls for violence against Trump supporters, and their activities involving the overthrow of a presidential election.

The Democrat Party has staged a contemptuous act of sabotage against Brett Kavanaugh and his Supreme Court confirmation. They have slandered a good and decent man to achieve their goal of destroying this republic. They are the tried and true non-biological children of Saul Alinsky.

The election of President Trump did not put this country on a different course. Trump, God Bless Him, merely bought us time and conditioned us for the fight. He has made policy based on our national interest, but he has not and will not be able to stop the Left through the executive branch.

Trump is only one man, albeit a man with the emotional strength and fight of a thousand men, but the forces against him are evil. Understand that! President Trump is under attack every minute of every day by the depraved and loathsome servants of the damned. He must be getting weary, despite his call for the fight.

The spineless NeverTrumpers continue to wail and gnash their teeth about Trump’s unprecedented “unpresidential” behavior. But what, I ask you, could be more presidential than a willingness to sacrifice a billionaire’s lifestyle for the fight to save our country from destructive forces?

Trump knows what we all should know, (though some continue to play pattycake), that like Rome, we are burning, and he is rallying the people to attention. He is putting us on alert. He understands the powers that we are up against.

We can expect the coming week to be a performance of offensive, iniquitous, and chaotic theater, staged by the Democrat Party as the radical socialists/communists/anarchists display their mob mentality and derangement.

It is my assertion that the arrival of Christine Blakey Ford onto the national stage has struck a nerve in many conservatives who were already attentive. It’s as though the already unhinged democrats have finally jumped the shark.

And if you understand what is occurring, you surely have the stomach jitters if not severe indigestion. Just when you thought the democrats had hit maniacal critical mass, you are going to witness crazy getting crazier as they pull out all the stops to ruin Kavanaugh.

It’s time to reach for the Pepto-Bismol.

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