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Yesterday, on a friend’s post, I was rather disrespectful to a democrat woman who suggested both republicans and democrats practice civility. But her call for courtesy wasn’t following the democrat’s abuse of Brett Kavanaugh. Oh no, it was following a friend’s post of a very unflattering picture of Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blakey Ford. Suddenly, Miss “Let’s All Get Along” was concerned about graciousness.

Despite the obvious public humiliation and assaults the democrats have made on Kavanaugh, the democrat base remains silent while the radicals ravage their party.

And when things become chaotic, they call for conservatives to return to their old ways of just letting the democrats keep clubbing them over the head.

I want to make it clear that I have no charitable feelings left in my heart for democrats. I am not interested in playing nice with them while they move my country towards anarchy.

Last night Ted Cruz and his wife were chased from a Washington D.C. restaurant as the left-wing protesters surrounded both Cruz and his wife.

The democrats are embracing fascism, and I’m supposed to be concerned about the feelings of democrats who are NOT condemning the frightening and Stalinistic antics of their party leaders?

When was the last time it was reported that conservatives chased democrat lawmakers from a public venue? Like Never, because conservatives do not stifle democrat speech.

So, let me get this straight. Democrats want to deny me my right to free speech, threaten my husband and sons with their hate war against conservative white men, take my guns so that they can render me defenseless, deny me due process as they have done Brett Kavanaugh and countless other conservatives, censor my writing on their left-wing controlled websites, destroy my constitution, stop the democratic process in a Supreme Court confirmation hearing, spend millions of taxpayer dollars on bogus investigations, promote a porn star as the epitome of courage, chase and harass my elected representatives, and destroy the minds of our children with their propaganda machine in our schools and academia. But I am supposed to be civil. Yeah, right.

The “Let’s All Get Along” crowd is a mix of spineless democrats and republicans who want this national meltdown to just go away. They want to pretend that democrats and republicans are equally responsible for the madness.

But they aren’t. And I for one am not going to continue enabling the democrats who want to play along with the democrat narrative.

Any democrat who cannot see what is before their eyes, that their party is deliberately destroying the American way of life and our constitutional law, is either supremely stupid or complicit to the assaults on conservative Americans and the Judeo-Christian traditions which brought our nation to greatness.

I have witnessed the derangement of the democrats as they have soiled their underwear in fears that Brett Kavanaugh would be confirmed to the SCOTUS. “Unhinged” no longer describes these outliers of the sane world. They are criminally insane.

And there is no doubt in my mind that if the Left regains power, these same democrat nutjobs will find some way to eventually open reeducation camps, aka. concentration camps.

And their weak-minded base will hold to the party line, because make no mistake about it. The Democrat Party is a religion. It’s congregation will not stray far from the democrat hymnal.

So spare me the boo hoo hoo cries for civility, because I know who you are.

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  1. Better THAN EVER, Judy! Thank you for concisely reverberating the voice of middle America and our beloved Flyover country. Much gratitude sent your way!!!

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