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Yesterday, Lindsey Graham fired a shot across the bow as he scolded the democrats for their heinous behavior and political annihilation of Brett Kavanaugh. Graham said what we all wanted to say, “The allegations against Kavanaugh are a sham, a political stunt, and an unprecedented attack on a good man.”

Graham expressed our escalating rage that the Left could and would destroy the life of a good and decent man and his family with incredulous accusations from a far-left screwball at best and a militant activist at worst.

Except Lindsey did not condemn Ford. He offered her undeserving empathy and presumed that she, like Kavanaugh, is a victim of the democrats and their power grab.

Despite my eternal gratitude towards Graham for his game-changing condemnation of the democrats, I must disagree. Ford is not a victim and was not a credible accuser.

And it wasn’t just Graham that has stuck to the politically correct incantation that Ford was a credible witness. The conservative media talking points and even President Trump spewed the nonsense that Ford was very credible.

Hogwash! Ford’s story was as weak as Barack Obama was in the gym curling ten pound weights. How can you be credible when you cannot provide any corroborating details to a four- decade-long story?

How can you be considered credible when your only witnesses deny that they witnessed anything? How can you be credible when your best friend denies your story that you told her about the assault?

For heaven’s sake, Ford cannot even remember where the supposed assault happened. She doesn’t know the house, the day, or how she got there.

Of course she can’t remember, because to provide details of place and date would be to offer information that cold be disproven. The owners of the house could deny ever having a party at their home. The date could provide Kavanaugh’s alibi.

This phony poor victim knew enough to leave out any information from her story that could be key to the reality of her allegations being physically impossible.

The only information that Christine Ford provided was information that could not be disproven. Ford’s story was so weak and anemic that she could not even remember if she took her polygraph on the day of her grandmother’s funeral or the day after.

Not only was her story full of holes, but she was careful to only accuse Brett Kavanaugh of actions which he could not disprove. Her goal was to put Kavanaugh In the position of having to prove a negative, which is impossible and always leaves a doubt in the minds of some, despite the impracticality of the allegations.

Christine Ford had no problem telling the Judiciary committee and the world that she was 100% sure that Brett Kavanaugh attacked her. And even conservatives began playing their violins for her.

There is no doubt that the democrats used Ford, because they use everybody. The democrats are the people who buy and sell souls. But Ford had a goal, and that was to take out Brett Kavanaugh, because she is a left-wing activist.

She’s neither credible or nor a sympathetic character. So, let’s stop playing the politically correct games and call Ford for what she is. She’s a villain who has no problem destroying a good man and his family.

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