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Lindsey Graham’s unexpected and spectacular eruption of righteous indignation in the Kavanaugh hearing will be etched in our memories forevermore. With those words, Lindsey called out the real witches of the witch trial that has been materializing on Capitol Hill, and they are categorically, the Democrat Partiers and their lowly cult of reprobates.

Graham’s outburst was not a performance. He was visibly shaken and so angry that at times, he had difficulty enunciating his words. At moments, he was noticeably struggling for self-control.

But it was Graham’s words that illuminated his sincerity. Referencing “this town at this time” and the democrats willingness to destroy a man for power were not words to be taken lightly by a sitting senator. They were impassioned words of pent up frustration and rage.

He warned of the consequences of the democrats regaining power. And his disgust with his once-upon-a-time friends was evident.

Sure, the democrats were stunned, but not by Graham’s words. They were merely surprised to see that the republicans had a pulse. Graham’s rage was unanticipated, that’s all. But witches feel no pain nor do they feel shame.

Witches have no conscious. They recoil at the presentation of truth. And they become weak with repulsion when they are in the presence of virtuous and righteous individuals like Brett Kavanaugh.

Deception and destruction have become instinctive to the democrats. They are so twisted in their maniacal minds that they cannot even comprehend the character of a man with moral fiber. Democrats loathe men of principle like Brett Kavanaugh, because somewhere deep within their waning humanity, he touches a nerve. And this makes them hate him more.

Brett Kavanaugh is kryptonite to the democrats. He is the water on Oz’s Wicked Witch of the West that makes all things unholy become clean. If Kavanaugh is confirmed to the SCOTUS, the melting process will begin. And the democrats know this.

When I was a child growing up in middle America, I did not even know anyone who didn’t attend church, at least some of the time. I didn’t know anyone who flaunted their sinful behaviors. And all of my friends and acquaintances recognized right from wrong. We weren’t perfect, and we definitely strayed from God’s commandments. But we knew when we had disgraced ourselves, and we were ashamed of our wrongful behaviors.

We felt contrition and embarrassment. We wanted to make amends for our dishonorable behaviors. We were empathetic, and accept for a rare few individuals, the majority of the people abhorred the suffering of others. We felt the pain of the afflicted.

As I look back on those years, I realize that we were familiar with bad. We understood that flawed people did bad things. But I don’t believe that most of us understood the complexities and essence of pure evil and evil people. Only a few of us had ever looked pure evil in the face.

Men who had fought in wars understood the existence of evil in its most draconian form as they stared it in the eye. But even they were unfamiliar with the extraordinary, intensified wickedness that is now oppressing this great nation.

Yesterday, one of my sons said to me, “But Mom, the democrats we know aren’t like this. It’s the democrats in Washington.” And my argument was, “Are you saying that the democrats we know are stupid, or that they just don’t care enough to stop the obvious carnage that their fellow democrats are creating?” It is the democrat voters that must stop their party, and there is no action on that front, accept for maybe the “Walkaway” campaign.

As I have watched the evil democrats pursue a satanic campaign to destroy one of America’s finest men who is a true servant to God, I have lost my patience. I simply detest anyone who is complicit in this witches’ hunt.

But that’s what witches do. They hunt and destroy goodness. Welcome to your Democrat Party!

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