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From this moment forward you will need to fear that your sons and husbands will become the victims of women with false allegations of sexual misconduct. And these women will ruin their lives from that day forward.

It will not make any difference if your son is a responsible young man, and his character will not be a consideration if a woman, any woman, decides to “get even” or find any of numerous reasons to falsely report him for sexual assault.

She could be on drugs and delusional, hallucinating on LSD, or a whore whom your son rejected. Your son could be a star lacrosse player or academic whiz kid, but the woman, who could be a stripper or porn star, will be called courageous and applauded for bringing the hammer of justice down upon your godforsaken son.

Your husband will be the target of female coworkers and any other women who crosses his path. He will be presumed guilty if any woman, despite her background, decides to use her power to reduce him to a criminal status.

With only the words of female accusers and without evidence, your sons and husbands will be emotionally tortured as they fight these charges.
And they will lose. And some will commit suicide, because they can’t bear the unfounded humiliation and injustice. Because in the world of democrats, men accused of sexual allegations do not have the constitutional right of due process.

Sexual allegations are only the first round of false accusations that the democrats can wage, because they are the most difficult to disprove, particularly with an old crime.

The second round of jackboot tactics will render men too wicked to even be in public, unless they are sensitive liberal men. The attacks on the white conservative males have only started.

The democrats have a war on men, but not all men. Their war is with white males, especially middle class or higher income white conservative males.
They don’t have problems with white, rich, liberal men like Ted Kennedy drowning women. And they don’t take issue with Muslim democrat men like Keith Ellison beating their girlfriends. They don’t care if Senator Bob Menendez is a pedophile.

They have trouble with white conservative men for even existing. And they are so unreasonable with their thoughts that no amount of logical debate even penetrates their insanity.

Did you know that many liberal women are now arguing that it makes no difference if an innocent man is imprisoned for a sexual crime he didn’t commit? Their rationale is that their imprisonment will help offset the cases of the many guilty men who go free.

For forty years I have asserted that the Democrat Party is a religion. But it is now far beyond that description.

The Democrat Party is a cult of brainwashed, uninformed, ill-informed, elite, and just plain stupid people. They have a mob mentality, and everything good in this life is in their destructive path as they move towards a non-existent Utopia that exists only in their pathetic little minds.

Your husbands and sons are on a genocide watchlist as these madmen and madwomen march across this land. Do not doubt for a minute that they will destroy them.

And if you don’t believe me, just ask Brett Kavanaugh’s mother.

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