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If there was any doubt as to the democrats’ flirtation with mental hysteria, it has evaporated. Democrats are no longer courting mental illness. They have married.

And they have only themselves to blame. They abandoned all logic for the sake of partisanship. The democrat base fell lockstep into the wishing well of socialism and identity politics, and they convinced each other, as they persuaded themselves, that reason was relative.

When the Democrat Party officially proclaimed truth to be conditional as to the political outcome it controlled, the unraveling of the party began. Logic cannot be restricted and dependent upon projected consequences of social justice, political correctness, and global order.

The truth is absolute. There is but one truth. It is fundamental and crucial to the structural survival of society. But the enemies of the republic understand the significance of destroying the concept of truth as it is a means to indoctrinating the unsuspecting, the malcontented, and the weak-minded masses.

In the absence of truth, chaos is born and anarchy thrives. From anarchy springs nihilism, and from nihilism we see the birth pangs of lawlessness and mob rule.

The Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing has illuminated the extreme irrationality of the Democrat Party and its constituents. The utter absurdity of the unsubstantiated allegations against Judge Kavanaugh was embraced by the radical Left, and the democrats have become unglued as they have protested, threatened, and become emotionally incoherent as the futility of their grand performances is recognized.

Their full-blown mental meltdowns are not exaggerated. Despite a lack of any evidence which would find any of Kavanaugh’s accusers to be credible, the democrats refuse to accept his confirmation.

The truth doesn’t matter. They only see “their” truth which is a set of circumstances that they wish to hold as their reality. Democrat truth lacks detail, fact, actuality, and scientific legitimacy.

Democrat women have become so bizarrely deranged that many are agreeable to the prosecution of their own husbands, sons, and fathers if a woman accuses them of sexual misconduct. I have read accounts of several feminists who readily admit that they would find the allegations of any woman to be superior to the denials of their own mates and offspring.

Other feminists agree that many innocent men, who are accused of sexual assault, must go to prison as reparations for the guilty men who have walked free. And sane Americans ask themselves, “Are these women for real?” Sadly, they are, and there are thousands, if not millions, of them with the same inconceivable philosophy.

In his “Rules For Radicals,” Saul Alinsky wrote that the ends justifies the means. The ends is global Marxism, and the means is the brainwashing of the masses in pursuit of the “Useful Idiots.”

Some may say, “Well, it’s the fringes of the Democrat Party that have gone off the rails. It is the leadership.” This is true. But I contend that the fringe is flourishing, and it is spreading. And who is it that keeps re-electing the radical leadership if not the democrat base?

Twenty years ago the Democrat Party was a religion. Ten years ago it became a cult. Today it is a plague, an abomination upon this land, and it leaves in its wake millions of victims with mental disorders.

When you make your own truth and deny the absolute truth, you are delusional. I can think of no better word to describe the democrats than delusional, unless it would be evil.

Every normal American should be afraid. What happens to a nation that is infected with the contagion of political insanity? I think we are about to find out. Insane asylums may be making a comeback.

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