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The Left is consoling itself with the bogus assumption that at the very least, they have ruined Brett Kavanaugh’s life. Oh, how they wish that was the case, but it isn’t. In truth, the Left cannot destroy Justice Kavanaugh’s life. As powerful and controlling as they believe themselves to be, Kavanaugh’s happiness will be of his own making, not by virtue of insane protesters and corrupt lawmakers.

Unlike the whiny, self-imposed victims of the Left, Brett Kavanaugh worked hard for his entire life, setting short and long-term goals as he pursued his dream. And yesterday, his dream was fulfilled as he reached the pinnacle of the judicial climb.

Kavanaugh earned his prominence. He has strived his entire life to be the best person he can be, both professionally and personally. The democrats can’t understand the concept of sacrifice and character-building, because the social constructs the democrats build reward character depravity and dependence.

Democrats praised Stormy Daniels for her courage. Despite her despicable career, which is demeaning to all women, democrats declared her to be upstanding and honorable. They celebrated Kaitlyn Jenner’s “Woman of the Year” award. With such a mindset as theirs, expecting democrats to respect virtuous men or women is like expecting to find snow in hell.

Brett Kavanaugh’s experience with the Left will give him a perspective unlike any other Justice on the high court. He will follow constitutional law, but he will also know from first hand knowledge that the letter of the law is fragile and could become worthless if not protected fiercely and passionately.

Brett Kavanaugh was denied his constitutional promise of due process by the democrats and media. A man, who has lived his life studying the law and examining the very criteria upon which sound judicial decisions are made, found himself in the middle of a constitutional crisis. If not for the wisdom of the senate republicans, who finally found their backbones, Kavanaugh would have been borked. He will never forget the nightmare foisted upon him by the democrat fascists.

But most importantly and contrary to the democrats’ taunts of ruination for the falsely accused judge, Brett Kavanaugh will have a dignified and pivotal role in the annals of American History. Kavanaugh will be remembered for his eminence in one of the most riveting periods of national crisis.

Kavanaugh’s nomination process will be chronicled as the culmination of democrat madness. Those individuals involved in both the smearing of Kavanaugh and his confirmation will be remembered in history.

Justice Kavanaugh and his fight for his reputation will have a far-reaching impact on the significance and fate of The United States Constitution and the future of the West. His name will resonate through the ages for his righteous participation in the great democrat scam of America.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh is far from ruined. The story of this great man’s life will become epoch.

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  1. It was laughable when the Dems decried Judge Kavanaugh’s emphatic self-defense as evidence that he didn’t have the temperament to be a Justice on the Supreme Court. They simply have no frame of reference to recognize righteous indignation.

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