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Many conservatives are having difficulty reconciling themselves to the reality that President Trump is appointing openly gay individuals to positions of prominence. Trump was actually the first Republican president to appoint a gay man as his spokesperson when he appointed Richard Grenell as the United States Ambassador to Germany.

This week Trump appointed openly gay U.S. Attorney Patrick Bumatay to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Bumatay worked on confirmations for Supreme Court Justices, including John Roberts, Samuel Alito, and Neil Gorsuch, as well as Bush administration Attorney General Michael Mukasey.
In addition, Bumitay is a member of the Tom Homann LGBT Law Association.

President Trump’s judicial nominees have been outstanding. Few conservatives can dispute that fact. But the Bumatay appointment has raised some eyebrows, and many are demanding an explanation. It is my contention that he doesn’t need to give one.

There are many gay individuals who are conservative. They are accomplished men and women who have proven themselves to be professional members of society and proven themselves to be worthy of appointments of distinction. Why would we want to exclude these Americans from opportunities to share their professional expertise? Are conservatives going to be in the business of punishing hard-working adults for their status as members of the gay community.

It is the Democrat Party that uses identity politics as a strategy to influence the vote. In the name of inclusion, democrats actually marginalize millions of Americans by segregating them into special interest groups. But we all know democrats don’t care about inclusion. It’s merely a rallying cry for political expediency.

Democrats have contrived to use a person’s race, religion, ethnicity, skin color, and sexual orientation as a replacement for his or her personal character and actions. Identifying a man by his preference in the bedroom has been the democrats’ strategy for avoiding his distinction based on the content of his character.

But if, we, as conservatives, deny a man the acknowledgement of his excellence and the recognition he deserves for his meritorious achievements, because of his bedroom habits and despite his benevolent character, aren’t we playing identity politics as well?

Some Christians object to the homosexual individual and insist that Christians honor the Bible’s warning of homosexual sin. And as a Christian, I don’t dispute the Word, but I do believe that it is not the right of any man to discipline a gay individual for his or her lifestyle. It is my contention that only the Lord has the authority to survey the accountability of all men for all sins, unless that sin involves a crime.

Do most Christians believe that they are obligated to deny a gay man his lifelong dreams because of his sexual orientation? Do most Christians believe that gays should be banished from positions of eminence regardless of their dedication and exemplary professionalism? I think not.

I am an opponent of same-sex marriage. It is my view that marriage is between a man and a woman, and I profoundly disagree with the social engineering which has tampered with the sacred institution of marriage.

But I do maintain that in America, all men and women have the God-given freedom to make their own decisions regarding their sexual partners as long as all parties are consensual adults. God gives us choice, and even if we do not like the choice of another man, as long as we are not harmed by that man’s decision, we have no jurisdiction in his life. With this, I add that I am not opposed to a legal contract between gay adults.

With that said, I diverge fiercely with the LGBT community’s efforts to radicalize school children with thoughts of gender fluidity. I vehemently disagree with the gay community’s outreach programs to recruit kids who are emotionally confused and insecure. Inarguably, our school children are being programmed for gender fluidity. This is not only a disgrace, but it must be stopped.

The homosexual lifestyle is unnatural and should not be advanced as an equal alternative to the heterosexual lifestyle. The liberal gays are desperately seeking to proffer homosexuality as normal.

Nonetheless, it would be completely counterproductive for the Republican Party to alienate all gay people. The GOP doors must be open to all conservative people who want an America with a rule of law which originates from the United States Constitution. It would be political suicide to turn away gay conservatives. And it goes without saying that a gay conservative would not be a radical social justice warrior.

Saving the bedrock of the nation must come first. We can only make that happen by electing strong conservative republicans. Then, and only then can we begin to address and repair the cultural issues which the social justice warriors have foisted upon us. Frankly, we need the votes and help of all Americans. Now, is not the time to draw lines in the sand.

Accepting and loving our gay American brothers and sisters has nothing to do with embracing homosexuality. Recognizing them for their expertise is the right thing to do. We must do so because of our humanity.

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