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Glenn Beck’s latest book, “Addicted to Outrage,” highlights Beck’s fickle temperament as he dares to suggest that America’s problems can be alleviated if Americans follow a “traditional twelve-step program” and think like recovering addicts. Beck calls for all Americans to engage in self-reflection and embrace personal responsibility as a means of a happy, hopeful future.

As expected, Beck points his finger at both democrats and republicans and alleges that our current national irrationality and volatility is everyone’s fault. He references his own personal experiences to remind us that there is something much greater than ourselves. Thanks Glenn, but FYI, conservatives already know that.

Sagging ratings and a burgeoning irrelevancy have taken Beck back to the writer’s desk, and he will undoubtedly climb the New York Times Best Sellers List again. No matter how wishy-washy Glenn Beck becomes, his steadfast followers will emulate his directives. For Beck, there are no constants. His unpredictability is his most predictable characteristic.

Beck’s simplistic perspective of the national powder keg is foolhardy. Amidst the current turbulence and violent left-wing uprisings, the last thing that we need is a national self-help book. And he knows that, but he also knows that regardless of the content of his books, he can depend on making the NYT Bestsellers List thanks to his most devoted listeners.

But I have digressed from my initial focus, which is not Glenn Beck’s crumbling relevance. I want to address the “outrage” that Beck has earmarked as an addiction.

I make no apologies that I am morally outraged. I am morally outraged that my country has been progressively deteriorating over the past thirty years as I have watched helplessly, making every effort to alert anyone who would listen to my appeals for action.

I am morally outraged that at least one generation, if not more, of our children have lost their innocence and childhood at the hands of far-left radicals. I am outraged that these children have received and still are receiving a substandard education as was the plan of a nefarious band of elitists.

I am morally outraged that stupid women allowed the feminist movement to convert them into selfish, irrational shrews who view their right to abort their babies as a measure of their God-given freedoms. I am morally outraged at the dismemberment of full-term babies in the womb while Planned Parenthood sells the dismembered baby body parts.

I am morally outraged that my country is being invaded by illegal immigrants who receive free healthcare, a free education, free food, and a government check thanks to the American taxpayer. I am infuriated that democrats and some republicans want open borders, which will end American sovereignty and the American way of life forever.

I am morally outraged that the democrat base would be complicit in allowing the far-left radicals to take control of their party. I am furious that the democrats have ushered in a subculture which is the antithesis of decency and virtue.

I am spitting mad that the government ravages my paycheck, taking my hard-earned money for their criminal activities, such as a fund for settlements for sexual misconduct by Congress. I mean like, “WHAT THE HELL?”

I am livid that the democrats have cast God from our culture as they mock Christianity while defending the rise of Islamic communities that practice Shariah Law. And I detest the feminists that remain silent while Muslim women suffer at the hands of Muslim men.

I resent the identity politics that the democrats have foisted upon us as a means of creating division. And I denounce the birth pangs of genocidal groupthink as “white privilege” rhetoric infiltrates the media, academia, and the public school system.

I repudiate the fake news media which has shaped public opinion through carefully crafted propaganda marketing. It is the false reporting, omission of facts, selective journalism, and pseudo-interpretation of the narrative that has tarnished the reputation of the media. And those same factors have molded thoughtless and misinformed individuals into mindless robots.

I am insulted and “offended” by the assaults on my intelligence as the Left shoves unadulterated insanity in my face day after day, expecting me to swallow their psychotic potions.

So, I say to Glenn Beck with his ridiculous pleas for niceties, “That ship sailed, Glenn. There is no common ground on which to stand with the democrats who CHOSE radicals to be their leaders. Where are the democrats denouncing the violence that the democrat leaders have demanded? Nowhere to be seen.”

The Democrat Party has forced a communist revolution upon my house. They stand with revolutionaries who intend to destroy my way of life as they suck the last breath of freedom from our judicial system and create anarchy across the land. And Beck calls my moral outrage an addiction!

If my righteous indignation is considered an addiction, then so be it. I welcome that monkey on my back as he keeps me engaged in the fight. He keeps whispering in my ear, “All of us, outside of the blue-blood elite, have everything to lose.”

It is moral outrage that fuels our passion. It keeps us focused on the battle and gives us momentum when we tire of the endless attacks on our western lifestyle, our faith, and even our common sense.

We should all heed our lessons from William Wallace, inarguably Scotland’s greatest hero. It was moral outrage derived from anger that motivated this Scottish martyr in the ultimately successful struggle for Scottish independence from England. Wallace’s rage electrified his men as they fought for their God-given liberties.

I am not just angry. I am enraged. When things get ugly, I get ugly. We are fighting for the truth, and we are up against an existential threat. Any person who isn’t angry is either heartless or clueless.

Without moral outrage we are impotent in the face of evil. Without the indignation of the American revolutionaries, there would be no America. And if Glenn Beck finds this outrage to be an addiction, then I will stay an addict. I will be keeping my monkey on my back. He is my friend. “Keep talking, pal, keep talking.”

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