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An annoying pop-up poll came across my computer screen yesterday, the question being “Should illegal immigrants receive social security benefits?” Despite the irritating aggravation of the poll, my attention was grabbed by the sheer absurdity of the survey. Like, who in their right minds would think that people who invade the United States are entitled to the money of hard-working Americans?

The question itself suggests a compliance with illegal immigration as a legal status, regardless of the unlawfulness of the border crossings. The pollster suggests, “Okay, so now that illegal immigrants are validated, do we give them a monthly check.”

Considering that the social security system is teetering on insolvency, why would any normal person even contemplate the thoughts of accelerating this financial implosion? Normal people oppose the sacrificing of their children’s future. Normal people reject an open invitation to all people of the world to come live off their backs.

Normal people are appalled by the image of criminals, gangs, drug cartels, and rapists entering their communities. Normal parents fear that their children will be infected by individuals who bring the disease of their third world countries with them.

Normal people tend to avoid suicidal behaviors, be they personal or national. Normal people reject the delusional world that the Left, via the Democrat Party and a rogue band of RINOS, have inflicted upon the entire nation.

Aside from the foolishness of the poll, I wasn’t shocked. I haven’t adjusted to life in the twilight zone, but I have learned to navigate among the senseless people, and I know what to expect. Crazy is their norm. And I refuse to let it be mine.

But I have to wonder, when does the damn break? It’s not a question of “if” but a matter of “when.” We have to face it, half the nation is living in Crazytown. They have “literally”, not figuratively, been brainwashed by the media, the educational system, the entertainment industry, their political leaders, and even some of the churches.

The weak-minded people among us have disengaged their cognitive abilities to use reason. They have surrendered to an illogical mindset that challenges all rational thought and replaced it with an emotional void.

The democrat left has such a perverse distortion of reality that they can’t even distinguish between right and wrong, truth and fantasy, or male and female. I am just not sure if these people are suffering from a multitude of psychological disorders or just a garden variety version of insanity.

But make no mistake about it. The willful abandonment of the survival instinct is a mental illness. And the democrats keep voting for leaders who put them, their children, and us normal people at risk.

The Left has been so effective with their indoctrination that they have convinced millions of women to be whores. They praise the courage of strippers and porn stars. They have convinced millions of women to wear ludicrous pink pussyhats with the notion that they are making a statement for women’s rights.

Left-wing women stand naked in protest of Kentucky Fried Chicken. They chant, “I am nasty” at women’s rights rallies. They want innocent men to go to prison for sexual crimes that they didn’t commit as reparations for the guilty men that have gone free.

White leftists apologize for their whiteness and condemn their own freedoms as a measure of the oppression of people of color. They are literally offering their families up for a future of persecution. These nuts are so damn crazy that they are invoking a genocidal death wish.

The Democrat Party is now moving farther left. Forty percent of the party want socialism. Knowing that socialism has failed every single time that it has been implemented and knowing that every single time it ends with massive destruction and death doesn’t deter the democrats.

In spite of the massive evacuation from socialist Venezuela due to hyperinflation, a lack of food, and disease, all a result of socialism, the Left screams out for socialism, even as they witness it’s devastating effects.

There are no words that can describe the phenomena of the suicidal leftists except insanity, madness, and unadulterated derangement. None. Zilch. Period.

Nothing would make me happier than to see the people of this nation unite, set aside their differences, and focus on our commonalities (of which there are now very little). But as a realist, I know that isn’t possible.

When adult democrat men say that they have no objection to their twelve year old daughters showering with grown men, when democrat idiots are in agreement to allowing men use the bathroom with their little girls, when democrat parents encourage little boys to have their penises whacked off, Houston has a problem that only the Lord can fix with his direct intervention.

Normal people cannot persuade, reason, or pacify the deranged. The democrats have put this nation on the Looneyville Express.

It must be derailed. Can we do that? I don’t know. But I do know that if the republicans don’t keep Congress, the train derails sooner rather than later. STOP THE INSANITY. VOTE A STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN TICKET!

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