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Al Sharpton tweeted that President Trump’s Young Black Leadership Summit was shameful, because according to Sharpton, he should have been discussing issues of importance.

Crazy Al is panicking. Al, Jesse Jackson, and the Democrat Party have invested years of deceptive rhetoric into the indoctrination of the black community, in particular the black youth of America.

They have sponsored hundreds of worthless social programs designed to convince black America that the Democrat Party worked for them, when in truth, the democrats work hard to repress people of color.

And now, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of black Americans are running away from the very people who have been enslaving their minds and using them to prop up the democrat platform of identity politics.

Bright, talented young black leaders have cut the chains that the Democrat Party has bound to their spirits, their sense of independence, and their self- empowerment. They understand that the cancer of identity politics hasn’t helped them.

They recognize that social justice is socialism in a dress, all gussied up to distract unsuspecting black Americans from the real issues which plague their communities. Brilliant young blacks such as Candace Owens understand that their enemy isn’t racism as Sharpton and his race baiter cronies allege.

Using the harshest of words, Owens accuses Crazy Al of lining his pockets with the money of white racist liberals to keep blacks on the plantation. Owen tweets, “You stood side by side with racists and helped them destroy our communities. At long last your time is ending, coward. WE ARE FREE!”

Young conservative black leaders, like their elder counterparts such as Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, Allen West, etc, have long detected the democrats’ game to keep the black community as their voting bloc. And they are speaking out, crying out and declaring themselves free of democrat bondage.

Democrats have used Sharpton, Jackson, and even black pastors to keep blacks dependent on big government. They have discouraged independence, self-reliance, and responsibility among blacks which has resulted in fatherless black families and millions of aimless young black adults surrendering to what they perceive as their inevitable future of poverty and hopelessness.

And who suppressed the black communities? The Democrats! The same party that supported slavery and fought against Republican Abraham Lincoln’s abolition of slavery found a way to continue to oppress the black population via an addiction to social programs. The party of the Ku Klux Klan found a way to undermine Lincoln’s emancipation of slaves by creating a system of dependence to replace the physical chains.

Instead of pushing young blacks with the message that “You can,” the democrats have systematically cultivated the mindset of “You can’t,” because whitey doesn’t like the color of your skin.

The only blacks permitted to leave the democrat plantation have been the weak-minded, easily indoctrinated blacks who are committed to the recruit of democrat voters and promote the far-left ideology.

Conservative blacks who make it into the public eye must do it on their own with great determination, grit, and a sense of deliverance. They are the strong-minded who understand those who hold them back. They are the brightest and the most thoughtful among all of us.

Candace Owens understands that her family and her race have been unwittingly subjugated for centuries. And she says, “No More.”

Abraham Lincoln may have broken the physical and legal chains of bondage for the slaves, but the Democrat Party has enslaved millions of black people with emotional abuse and deception.

Candace Owens has had enough. She is ready to run Crazy Al Sharpton out of town. And he knows it. The good news is that there’s not a damn thing he is going to be able to do about it.

Run, Sharpton, you coward! Run!

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